ATTN: Concerning This Morning’s Harvard Article

Dear readers,

IvyGate posted an article this morning about the recent resignation of Michael Marc D. Hauser, a Harvard professor who was found responsible for eight different cases of scientific misconduct. Shortly thereafter, we were alerted to a number of striking similarities between our own story and one published two days ago in the Harvard Crimson. We’ve since removed the article, and followed up with its author, a first-time IvyGate contributor, who will no longer be writing for the site.

We regret this error, and we apologize to the Crimson for the serious editorial oversight.

Peter Finocchiaro
Editor in Chief, IvyGate

4 Responses to “ATTN: Concerning This Morning’s Harvard Article”

  1. guest Says:

    Whoa, that Harvard. It’s like an ethics-free zone.

  2. Good move Says:

    Ironic that the post (which is still accessible from the author’s author page, FYI) was tagged “plagiarism.” On a more serious note, my first reaction to this revelation was to compare it to what recently happened at HuffPo (// Now that I’ve actually read the post in question, though, there’s no doubt in my mind that the author does not understand how to blog. She wrote it as if it was a newspaper article (which, I suppose, it actually was) without giving any credit to the source of the information. That’s not how things are done at reputable blogs. Even HuffPo links and references. This would be one appropriate way to write the post in typical blog style:

    We knew the scientists at Harvard were mad, but we didn’t realize they were so unethical. Just two weeks after Harvard researchers got in trouble for taking bribes to use dangerous underwear (./2011/07/harvard-faculty-members-breaking-seniors-hips-accepting-bribes-kind-of/), the Crimson reports (// that Pysch professor Michael Hauser has finally resigned after being found guilty in an internal investigation of 8 counts of “scientific misconduct.” Harvard defines “scientific misconduct” as “fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism” and Ivygate defines it as the grown-up version of “fudging the lab data just a little bit so I can finish this stupid science requirement.”

    But don’t feel too bad for Hauser. He’s already started a new research project addressing “the educational needs of at-risk teenagers.” Presumably, he’s teaching them that cheating is the only way to get ahead in life. We can’t wait until they apply to Harvard.

    Editor’s note: Redacted mentions of the author’s name in this comment. (PF)

  3. Bearcat Says:

    It’s okay… no worries. We don’t take this rag seriously anyway.

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