Harvard, Princeton and Cornell Team Up with Brooks Brothers to Create Uber-Douchey Clothing Line

Ivy Leaguers have to make difficult decisions every day. Take, for example, the time I attended the Cornell men’s polo championship with a bunch of my swellest chums. I wanted to wear something spiffy, so I picked out my nicest pair of boat shoes and flamboyant plaid shorts, but then it was time to decide on a shirt. I wanted something with a poppable collar, but at the same time, I also wanted to display some school spirit. It was quite the fashion dilemma. What’s a wealthy Ivy Leaguer to do in a case like this?

Fortunately, the great people at Brooks Brothers have come to the rescue by starting a new line of licensed college apparel for the men of Harvard, Princeton and Cornell. It’s a brilliant business decision – just slap some school logos on Brooks Brothers clothing and voila! The Ivy-educated elite will come running!

“The key for us is re-establishing our connection with what we call the college community — students, faculty and alumni,” Karl Haller, vice president of strategy and business development for Brooks Brothers, said in a telephone interview. “We have a pretty well-educated customer and there’s a built-in opportunity with alumni who are already our customer base.”

The Ivy League clothing line, which will comprise sweaters, ties, dress and polo shirts, will be available beginning August 15th, so make sure to mark your calendars.

I also recommend checking out this Gawker article just for the hilarious title and accompanying photo.

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  1. '11 Says:

    I am way too excited for this.

  2. '13 Says:

    jesus christ i’m surprised he got into those schools, including ‘weslyn’, considering how much of a schmuck he comes off as.

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