Third Eye Blind and Designer Drugs to Join Lupe Fiasco for Yale’s Spring Fling

Yale’s Spring Fling lineup is slowly congealing into being, despite a minor April-Fool hangup in the form of Michelle Branch. Joining Lupe Fiasco on April 28 will be Designer Drugs and Third Eye Blind, according to the Yale Daily News.

We have nothing particularly snarky to say about Designer Drugs, mostly because electro-house music tends to give us seizures that impair our ability to judge its musical value. Especially when it’s performed by hipsters from Pennsylvania. But we haven’t forgotten Third Eye Blind, that staple of the last ten minutes of every eighth grade dance on the planet. We want something else to get us through this life, baby, because a 1990s fad band with only one song that everyone knows and no one particularly likes might make us step up to that ledge, my friend. But hey, maybe they’ll also hand out Tamagotchis and snap bracelets.

2 Responses to “Third Eye Blind and Designer Drugs to Join Lupe Fiasco for Yale’s Spring Fling”

  1. Inno Says:

    oh wait, is that the same band that played at my Spring Fling back in 2004? riiiight…

  2. Gadgets Insolites Says:

    Rock band Third Eye Blind and electronic duo Designer Drugs will join rapper Lupe Fiasco in the lineup of this year’s Spring Fling on April 26, booking agencies for both groups confirmed Monday.

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