Full Roundup of Yale’s Title IX Complaint

As everyone knows, things have been blowing up left and right this weekend on how Yale students filed a Title IX complaint against the University on March 15.

Here is IG’s comprehensive roundup of the story:

March 31st

To see what happend on April 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, follow the jump.

April 1st

April 2nd and 3rd

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5 Responses to “Full Roundup of Yale’s Title IX Complaint”

  1. Steroids Says:

    wow the story is getting s*** loads of press.

  2. y'11 Says:

    mary miller is finally getting her due as yale college’s token ugly lesbian

  3. Iocx Says:

    wow, your comment was totally not sexist at all

  4. Y'12 Says:

    For the record, Christina is not just the “daughter of Huffington Post mogul”, but also one of the Yale Herald’s most dedicated writers and journalists, having contributed to the publication as a News Editor, Managing Editor, Senior Editor, and author of any number of articles, including several cover stories besides this one.

  5. y'12 Says:

    miranda lewis not editor in chief of the herald. she’s editor in chief of the bullblog, the yale herald’s blog.

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