Apparently Emma Watson Left Brown Because She Was A Total Freakshow

Now that Emma Watson is on hiatus from Brown, you might think we no longer have any reason to talk about her. Wrong! That scarlet letter “B” is forever. And in true Emma Watson fashion, she’s giving the presses plenty of postmortem fodder about her failed attempts at Ivy League “normalcy.”

The New York Daily News reports, inexplicably, that Watson is still hung up on the whole “I just want to be an ordinary zillionaire with Gwyneth Paltrow’s haircut from the nineties” schtick. Things that apparently encouraged her to leave Brown, apart from her thriving career as the face of Harry Potter Land:

1) She got heckled in class for participating, mostly by people who liked to yell “Three points for Gryffindor!” whenever she correctly identified a bezoar commented on geopolitics in Burkina Faso. This, according to the NYDN, is evidence of the “sophisticated wit and cinematic expertise of her Ivy League peers.” We’d actually venture that it’s evidence of a few too many nights spent on the futon smoking dope and listening to Jim Dale on tape–but hey, what do we know?

2) She and her orange-vested security unit had a hard time fitting in with the regular folks. And her freshman-year roommate was kind of weird about the whole “strict confidentiality agreement” thing. (We know the feeling–not being allowed to sell the contents of your celebrity roommate’s shower caddy on Ebay is, like, the pits.)

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again: Emma’s chances of being a “normal girl” aren’t going to get any better if she keeps popping up in gossip rags. Perhaps acting in a movie that doesn’t involve wizard robes would help to staunch the spate of Hermione jokes. Or maybe she should talk to James Franco about how to be a normal person, since he’s clearly got it down.

26 Responses to “Apparently Emma Watson Left Brown Because She Was A Total Freakshow”

  1. D-nied Says:

    Heckling in class is lame, Brown. However, I can’t take her desire to “fit in” seriously if she actually had security detail following her.

  2. <3 Says:

    Hasn’t she already denied the 3 points to Gryffindor story repeatedly?

  3. Claudia Rodriguez Says:


    Maybe She didn’t say anything about bullying at all and all is fabrication from the media…

    … As her staff already published.

  4. ariana sexton-hughes Says:

    i’m sorry, but that’s just wrong. i feel bad for her. but, i feel worse for brown, allowing their students to behave like yale frat boys. ugh.

  5. John Smith Says:

    I go to brown and I have seen her multiple times personally. I was always pleasantly surprised whenever she walked by and no one heckled or bothered her at all. I thought to myself this says a lot about the school I go to. There’s people I know that had the same class as her and she was never bullied.

  6. Mulcahy Hillsman Says:

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  7. mike Says:

    Your proud of your school because you didn’t witness any bullying? WOW talk about low expectations. In most normal parts of the world that’s called common decency.

  8. Durishin Says:

    I saw her frequently on campus and thereabouts. No orange-vested security squad and generally alone.

  9. Emelita53 Says:

    Sheesh. I’m starting to believe these rumors of Brown students bullying Emma if your blog is to be an example. Your droll wit says it all. There goes the hope that ivy leaguers are the beacon of American society…

  10. B '13 Says:

    I’m so sick of hearing this “10 points for Gryffindor!” story, especially considering the fact that the only people I’ve heard it from are people who don’t even go here. For the most part, she was treated with way more respect than you’d expect to be afforded to an international multimillionaire celebrity. I’d say about half of this was done out of common decency, while the other half was done in an attempt to seem too cool to care. Whatever the cause, she probably was treated more “normally” here than she has been/will be anywhere else in her life. Anyways, now that she’s gone I guess IvyGate will just have to stop covering Brown altogether, as you guys seem to think that she is the only newsworthy thing about us.

  11. Ig71 Says:

    Being a normal person involves having a sense of humor. The ‘ten points to Gryffindor’ story is pretty damn funny, she should have just laughed it off… its not really heckling. And I heard the story from someone who was actually in the class, so while its possibe he lied I’m inclined to believe that it actually happened…

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I heard the story from anyone who was actually in the class, so while its possibe he lied I am inclined to think that it actually happened…


  13. Office Furniture Says:

    I heard the story from somebody who was actually in the class, so while its possibe they lied I am inclined to think that it actually happened…

  14. Tytre Says:

    ^@Claudia Rodriguez:
    Yes, in the interview in Time magazine she denied the “Points for Gryffindor” story, which was an old internet joke that only a moron would believe, like the tedious trolls here in IvyGate.

  15. Ooglyboogly Says:


  16. Poopy Says:
  17. Anonymous Says:

    I’d say about half of this was completed out of common decency, while the other half was completed in an try to appear chilled to care. Regardless of the cause

  18. H123 Says:


  19. H123 Says:

    Forgot to add text but above site I found recently and thought I’d share it. Its both funny and out there.

  20. Sftballchica2 Says:

    i really think she left brown b/c people didn’t care she was there and gave her too little attention.. any time i ever saw her on campus she was alone and looked kinda moody and unapproachable.. if she wanted to fit in at brown she should have been more like other brown students–friendly and open to meeting new people.. i think that’s what a lot of people love about brown, the relaxed social atmosphere, but you can’t alienate people and expect to be treated “normally”

  21. cba62 Says:

    funny.  brownies – who were so stoked & thought they were so cool when she was in providence – are now hating on poor emma.  she should’ve gone to yale.

  22. Anonymous Says:

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  23. Says:

    Can’t believe anyone would actually heckle a classmate in
    class, no chance this is true but hilarious story just the same. Made me

  24. Ankita_sharma Says:

    I have no idea what u guys are talking about… I saw her when I was there & I think most Brown students know she goes there & I think this is bogus… She was treated like a nobody… she was treated very very normal. 

  25. Pozyca Says:

    She looks so more adult now, then in the first HP story… kamagra

  26. Pozyce Says:

    I like her a lot better with long hair – she looks more feminine  kamagra

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