A Camel Partied with Penn Frat Boys Last Week

It seems that Penn students’ penchant for heavy petting isn’t limited to members of the human race. The boys of Zeta Psi–artisans of culture that they are–raised a few eyebrows last week when they brought a camel to Spring Fling. The five-year-old camel, which apparently answers to the name of “Khan” or “What the Fuck, a Fucking Camel,” was the star of Zeta Psi’s annual petting zoo–an event that coincided with the school’s campus-wide slop-a-lot singalong, and that accordingly got a little drunk-funky.

According to The Daily Pennsylvanian, Khan the camel was spotted lolling around on the ground outside the frat house, no doubt as trashed as the Penn students themselves. One of their sources reported that “Zeta Psi ‘was packed full of people, all around the camel’ and ‘girls were groping it and they were drunk.'” It speaks volumes about Zeta Psi that their most popular member has four hairy legs and a hump and smells like goat pellets. It also speaks volumes about Penn girls that their beer goggles turn them into animal lovers. But anyway.

The only person to take issue with this situation–everyone else was clearly having barrels of fun rolling in the hay with the camel and his friends, the wallaby, the rabbit and the sheep–was a postdoctoral fellow named George Leslie, who spotted the petting zoo orgy and immediately cried foul to several media outlets. Leslie’s primary complaint was that petting zoos and loud music shouldn’t mix, although anyone who’s ever been to Miami Beach might say otherwise. An investigation by the Office of Student Affairs/Fraternity Sorority Life has since absolved Zeta of any wrongdoing, since apparently using a camel as a lounge chair is totally within the dictates of Natty Light Law. Looks like Khan and Co. can still return next year to smoke a few more doobies and get their asses stroked by Penn freshmen. Living the high life!

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  1. Chiigen Says:

    this was pretty funny, I gotta admit.

  2. a penn student Says:

    C’mon…you missed Leslie’s prissy letter to the DP: //dailypennsylvanian.com/article/your-voice-spring-fling-animal-cruelty

    I would say he should get off his high horse, but CLEARLY he is so in favor of animal rights that he DOES NOT ride horses, and only spoiled brats whose daddies have too much money do that.

    So instead I’ll recommend that he remove the stick from his ass. Sheesh.

  3. Prioritiesplease Says:

    Are you seriously posting about a camel rather than the incident of racism that also happened at Penn during Fling?


  4. IBTHEIB Says:


  5. Anonymous Says:

    I think in the future it ought to be of those things that used to happen, a they said. a I dont think its appropriate

  6. Disgusted Penn Alumni Says:

    Wow. The level of narcissism and spoiled entitlement from the members of the Penn fraternity community is really sad. You boys need to grow up and stop behaving like total douche bags. If you can’t see that there is no reason to have exotic animals at a party with load music and kegs of beer then your Ivy education is a complete waste of money.  Seriously, if you want to pet something smelly and hairy then go find a drunk sorority sister.  

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