ALERT: James Franco says, “Fuck the Yale Daily News”

MacArthur Genius and Yale Ph.D candidate James Franco has a message for the Yale Daily News. That message is, “fuck you.”

At around 5:30 p.m. today, Franco tweeted a link to his WhoSay account that included the above scathing indictment, lovingly scribbled out in blood-red MSPaint letters. The attack is apparently a response to this weekend column by Yale Daily News writer Cokey Cohen. (“Is that a real name,” we ask.) In the piece, Cokey comes out with all guns blazing, boldly declaring, “James Franco, your Twitter sort of sucks.”

To that we say: How Dare You? This is the artist who’s famously tried his hand at everything from General Hospital to novella writing to hosting the Oscars, baked as hell. And he’s good at all of it. (Shhhh!)

Cokey Cohen, where do you get the gall to slander James that way? His Twitter sucks? You suck. Franco’s Twitter feed includes all sorts of awesome links to awesome stuff that Franco has done, awesomely. And, if he doesn’t include those “pithy statements” you pine for — or words of any kind, to be honest — then maybe that’s all part of his vision. Ever thought of that? Of course you didn’t. I bet you didn’t even read Palo Alto. It was like a third grader threw up on Hemingway. And it was amazing. So to suggest Franco doesn’t know how to Twitter — well that’s just ridiculous.*

Anyway, the board is set. The pieces are moving. Yada Yada. What say you, YDN? Are you going to let this guy take that sort of a shot at you — drag your name through the mud — without any consequences? The ball is in your court. Don’t disappoint.

*By the way, we’re totes just kidding. We take no sides in CokeyTwitterGate. Our only agenda is that this escalate as much as humanly possible. More on this exceptional story as it develops.

UPDATE: Cokey has responded to Franco’s incendiary pictorial with her own analysis of the situation.

She says:

Basically what this means is that my single meaningful point of contact with the guy who totally hosted the Oscars Sunday night is the fact that he read something snarky I wrote about him, online. I mean, a lot of my life happens online … but this is way bigger than any of that. It’s also possibly the pinnacle of my career as a writer.

We’re inclined not to disagree. She goes on:

I’m becoming convinced that James Franco’s whole life is a form of postmodern performance art. In that context, his Twitter fits right in.

Actually, we’re almost entirely certain this is the truth. Well said, Cokes.

9 Responses to “ALERT: James Franco says, “Fuck the Yale Daily News””

  1. Stating the obvious Says:

    Umm… Doesn’t the YDN kind of suck?

  2. anner Says:

    oh holla at muh gurl k co. james franco does freaking suck! watta bay bay!

  3. Joshua Acasio Says:

    Hazing in the fraternity and sorority alike, is a barbaric act. Why that kind of activities still exist?


  4. Skull and Bones 2011 Says:

    Something really inane. Insane in the membrane!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t ever tweet, although that is chiefly because I don’t have a smart phone so by the time I get back to my laptop computer I have forgotten whatever witty hashtag I thought up while sitting in seminar.

    Harley Parts

  6. Guestguest Says:

    not only is james franco a mediocre actor, but he’s a very terrible as well. i’m guessing peter finocchiaro hasn’t read franco’s short story in esquire magazine. or, even worse, finocchiaro LIKES the story.
    that makes it difficult to decide who the bigger moron is—franco or finocchiaro?
    is alex klein an option?

  7. no name Says:

    He’s a Ph.D. student. You don’t become a candidate until after you pass your exams.

  8. no name Says:

    He’s a Ph.D. student. You don’t become a candidate until after you pass your exams.

  9. Your mama Says:

    Is this chick for real?? “My whole life happens online…” Yeah, and many other nonproductive do-nothings taking up oxygen in everyday life, while James worked his derriere off to get where he is. As Elliot Gould’s character in Contagion would say, “Blogging isn’t writing. It’s just graffiti with punctuation marks.” Team Franco!

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