Tracy Jordan Doesn’t Do Safety Schools (That Means You, Cornell)

If NBC comedy shows are any indication, Cornell’s status as Ivy League whipping boy is pretty solidly cemented. Take last night’s 30 Rock for example: Tracy Jordan — riding high off an Oscar win for some thinly veiled Precious parody — declines to speak at Cornell’s commencement because he doesn’t do safety schools, thankyouverymuch.

Fun fact: Cornell doesn’t actually invite famous people to do its commencement speech. That honor always goes to the University president, while notable figures are relegated to the convocation — just one of many reasons why Cornell never gets anybody cool to speak at graduation. (Sorry, but Nancy Pelosi reciting her congressional report card doesn’t count.)

The bit starts around the 12-minute mark:

3 Responses to “Tracy Jordan Doesn’t Do Safety Schools (That Means You, Cornell)”

  1. Cornell05 Says:

    Bill Clinton was Convocation speaker in 2004….

  2. Anonymous 3mailz Says:

    I hope you realize that 10 episodes later, he somehow loves Cornell.

  3. i_go_to_a_real_ivy Says:

    so typical cornell to be so defensive about it!!! (cornell05 and anonymous 3mailz)

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