Princetonian Earns His Sweet-Sounding Stripes

Don’t let the first two Google search results for Anthony D’Amato bring you down! While he may share a name with a Northwestern Law Professor, the D’Amato we have in mind is a young singer/songwriter. And he’s really cool (even though he went to Princeton).

Unlike the senseless jabber that dominates recent radio, Anthony D’Amato’s music is folky and thoughtful—we’ll spare you the “young Bob Dylan” comparison—thanks in part to his close work with Princeton professors. As an undergrad, he boldly placed a CD of his early music in super-important-poet/professor Paul Muldoon’s office. From then on, he worked frequently with Muldoon to carefully polish the lyrics that make his music unique. Despite his celeb status, as evidenced by his appearance on the Colbert Report, Professor Muldoon seems to have also enjoyed honing the poetic prowess of this mere undergrad. As he reported to the Times,

‘I love the fact,’ Professor Muldoon said, ‘that even though I’m not really musically adept at all — I’m really musically ignorant in most ways — that I’ve had a little bit of a chance to partake in what Anthony, I hope, is going to go forward with as a kind of lifetime’s adventure.’

And as the Timesreported back, collaborating on Warren Zevon and playing the electric guitar would seem to qualify Muldoon as musically proficient. But we digress.

Since graduating, Anthony D’Amato has continued to excel in the musical world. Not only did NPR recently choose his track “My Father’s Son” as their song of the week, but his MySpacemusic page also has a hell of a lot of plays. Currently on tour, he’ll be playing at Terminal 5 in NYC with Pete Yorn and Ben Kweller on March 11. What’s his secret to growing success? It might just be being named Anthony D’Amato.   If his Twitter is any indication, the key is serious dedication. While we were all day-fading and chowing down on Super Bowl Sunday, D’Amato was working hard:

…It must be a Princeton thing.

UPDATE: The Princeton D’Amato just informed us that this is not his Twitter, but the Twitter of another Anthony D’Amato who just happens to be a musician. Also, the Ivy preformer has yet to get a Twitter – someday he might. Ooops. Nevertheless, the Chicago non-Princeton musician still preferred playing music to watching an underwhelming Superbowl game. 

Princetonian D’Amato also brought goodies with his correction. Click below to listen and download new songs for FREE.

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