PrezKim Actually Kind of Cool; Dartmouth Alum Protests

Breaking! In a Dartblog post this Wednesday, alum Joseph Asch gives readers a crystal-clear example of President Kim’s hypocritical policies from over three months ago. This past October, rather than suit up for the riveting 25th anniversary celebration of Dartmouth’s Hood Museum, Kim chose to attend “hobnobbed” with his son and various trustees at the Columbia homecoming game:

Ill-advised decisions like the above have cost him the support of much of the faculty and other close observers of events at Dartmouth. One day, when the negative opinion of Kim that is currently held by an increasingly large group of insiders suddenly becomes the general opinion at the College (this is most often the way that ideas progress), Jim Kim will wonder where the applause went.

Come on, Asch, tell us what you really think.

The blogger’s main criticism of his alma mater’s prez seems to stem from Kim’s alleged love for the humanities but failure to attend this one specific arts event out of the many, many scholastic gatherings he likely attends each week. Hypocrite! Kim, you may have spent your life saving Haitians from tuberculosis with Partners in Health, but your school’s astute alumni see through your empty words. Asch solidifies this allegation with an “Addendum” that he wrote himself and attributed to another source from an anonymous faculty member, who adopts a strikingly similar tone and wholeheartedly agrees with the criticism of Kim’s “lack of understanding of the humanities.”

Perhaps, though—perhaps Kim’s choice to cheer on the Big Green in the big city was not so anti-arts after all. It is a well known fact that Columbia is, like, the humanities’ #1 fan. Not only does it force students to spend a third of their classes studying classically irrelevant works of dead white males—what, it’s not like Homer and Kant were actuallyinfluential—it also has the names of said progenitors tattooed on the forehead of its library. At football games, students dress in traditional Greek clothing and cheer not for the Lions but for the Lacedaemonians. Kim clearly realized that, in an afternoon at Baker Field (Asch, you realize Dartmouth actually won, right?), he would bask in the belles-lettres far more than he could schmoozing with art collectors in the Hood. 

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  1. D12 Says:

    You framed the situation wrong, took an article out of context, and made a post about something not even the students really care about. The problem isn’t that President Kim loves the humanities, he can barely tolerate them. Asch was poking fun when he opened the article “In between speeches in which he describes his long-time love of the humanities…” because Kim has outright said that the hard sciences are more important than the humanities. Learn to recognize sarcasm.

  2. Abs Says:

    Its not called Baker Field

  3. D14 Says:

    oh please, D12 and Joe Asch. The man’s a scientist. I’m a gov major and happen to think that my classmates pursuing chem and physics degrees are torturing themselves and wasting their time. That doesn’t mean I would gut the science departments if I was running the college. Does he has to love every subject of academia in order to be a good president? Oh, and I can pretty much guarantee that the quoted anonymous faculty member severely lacks an understanding of hard sciences. They’re academics; they’re supposed to be ridiculously focused in one subject and think that their subject is the best and most important. Until there’s hard evidence that the humanities are lacking because of the Kim administration, all this criticism is unfounded and childish. Fact of the matter is, Kim is extremely popular and that’s not changing anytime soon.

  4. D14 Says:

    Once again this extremely talentless class of ivygate contributors demonstrates that even basic research into an issue is too insignificant a trifle in the rush to smear people. Acsh’s point was that Kim is NOT interested in the humanities and this was just another example. Kim chose to stay at Columbia long after the game was over instead of making an effort to come back to Hanover to meet with Dartmouth/The Hood’s financial backers. There should have been no either/or in his decision making.

    Oh and Caitlin, honey, when you try to be “snarky” but don’t have the talent to pull off humor you just come across sounding like the big B.

  5. Contended alumnus Says:

    It’s always a lose-lose with Asch. The man is a perpetual curmudgeon, and the leader of a wingeing band of professional alumni trolls; he will never be happy with the College. If Kim had raced back to Dartmouth after the game, he would have criticized him for being soft on athletics, for caring more about raising money than supporting college athletes.

  6. d10 Says:

    Asch is a cantankerous old bat but he’s right in this case. I know of only two instances in which President Kim has attended arts events at Dartmouth, and in both cases they were highly visible publicity opportunities. Compare to James Wright, who attended student concerts and plays with great regularity and continually stressed the importance of the arts. Wright was by no means a perfect president, but he respected and appreciated the arts and humanities; the shift in the admission’s attitude has been abrupt and stark since his departure.

    I would venture that most students in the arts and humanities at Dartmouth are beginning to feel frustrated with Kim’s lack of even symbolic support for their areas of study. Certainly many of those I’ve spoken to feel that way.

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