Is Princeton now a safety Ivy?

High school seniors, if you were hyperventilating beforehand, you better break out the anti-anxiety meds brown paper bags again. (Just remember to breathe).

The Daily Beast just concocted new ways to crunch the numbers on all the Ivies to predict how many of you are going to get rejected this year. Their methodology consisted of calculating:

The projected admission rate based on information from the schools about the number of offers they expect to make this year, or, in some cases, the number of offers made last year. (The precise admission rates for this year won’t be known until after the letters are sent out and the schools work through their wait lists.)

They also compared the likely admission rates for this year with the figures from last year and five years ago. We’ll admit that this seems more accurate than Kant’s a priori malarkey, but it’s still a little shaky to do this before life-destroying letters kindly worded rejections are sent out come spring.

However, if they’re right, things are turning upside down in the Ivy League.

Follow the jump to find the list of projected admit rates. (Here’s a hint: Columbia just needs one more scandal to beat Harvard).

Ranking of projected admit rate:

  1. Harvard – 6.3 percent
  2. Columbia- 6.9 percent
  3. Yale – 7.5 percent
  4. Princeton – 8.5 percent
  5. Brown – 9 percent
  6. Dartmouth – 9.9 percent
  7. Penn – 12.1 percent
  8. Cornell- 18.3 percent

At this time, it is uncertain whether Harvard and Princeton bringing back early admit will restore a natural order or blitz the Ivy hierarchy even more. We should just wait until we actually get a new crop of freshies. Until then, go onward and procrastinate, senioritis victims, you’ll be happy you did when you’re sitting in state school.

4 Responses to “Is Princeton now a safety Ivy?”

  1. Tiger04 Says:

    Princeton has built a new residential college that allowed hundreds of more students to be admitted into the university last year. In addition, the university has updated older residential colleges to add a large number of rooms, and to bring the older buildings on campus up to date with living standards. I’m guessing that this higher admission rate will adjust itself as there were a record number of applications this year to the school. Don’t worry.. you won’t be hearing chants of “Saaafety Schoool” anytime soon at Ivy football games in regards to Princeton.

  2. H '13 Says:

    Yes you will. It was mine.

  3. CU'14 Says:

    ^this is actually why people hate the ivy league

  4. FarAboveCayuga'sWaters Says:

    No but you will be hearing them at Lynah when Princeton as well as every other Ivy hockey wannabe and their personal Sieve… LGR!

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