Impersonators Send Fake Penn Spring Fling Lineup of Lupe Fiasco and Sum 41 to IvyGate

People can be just be plain-out mean spirited. This past weekend, an email address purporting to represent Penn’s Social Planning and Events Committee ( tried to sabotage IvyGate by feigning:

1) They were announcing their Spring Fling lineup this weekend.

2) This “supposed” lineup included Lupe Fiasco and Sum 41.

They even included a poorly Photoshopped, clearly fabricated poster for the non-headliners.

After talking to various members of Penn’s SPEC, IvyGate confirmed our suspicions that the whole ordeal was a rouse. As Shana Rusonis, SPEC Marketing Chair, said:

There is nothing “official” about either of these documents; they are fabricated and poor imitations on a number of different levels.

Apparently, this prank isn’t new  — pretty similar fake posters were sent to IvyGate three years back. At least this time they stayed true to the rumors. Penn has been ablaze with talk ever since  Lupe posted on his website last Friday that he would be spending some time at Franklin Field in Phillie on April 15 — the same weekend as Penn’s Spring Fling. The same thing happened with Yale, where he is confirmed to perform. (But in Yale’s case, his website actually read Yale University as a venue.)

Since IG pranksters have been mostly wrong in the past, does it mean that the headliner actually isn’t Lupe? Further speculation tends to create a messy spiral so we’re just going to stop there.

Rest assured, IG will let you know the actual Spring Fling line-up once we learn.

Right now the score is Lupe for Yale  and Nelly will be gettin’ hot at Cornell (will he take of all his clothes?). We’re on the lookout for all the other Ivy spring concerts, especially since Columbia’s Abacchalypse has received buckets of cash this year, so if you hear anything let us know ( However, please only give us legitimate information, we’re not very fond of wild goose chases while we have readings and papers to do.

Read the imposter email attempts after the jump…

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Hi there,

This is the Spring Fling branch of the Social Planning and Events Committee (SPEC) from the University of Pennsylvania. As you may or may not know, information has leaked about certain artists performing at Spring Fling over the past few days from the artists’ websites. While we did not plan for this to happen, it seems that we will be forced to make our Spring Fling line-up announcement prematurely this year, as it is not yet fully complete, and as we haven’t even selected this year’s theme logo. Tonight at midnight we will continue the tradition of hanging sheets all over campus, each one displaying a different letter of the main performer’s name. Accordingly, this evening we are notifying many different news and media sources to try and get the news out as quickly as possible; as soon as Penn students start figuring what the signs are saying, we want every other college campus to know.

It would be of great help and importance to us if your website would post the attached .tif document, and perhaps even the official .doc press release TOMORROW MORNING. We must also insist that you DO NOT post this information before MIDNIGHT TONIGHT. If you have any concerns feel free to reply to this e-mail or contact our office, there will almost certainly be people there tomorrow.

We appreciate your help,

SPEC Events
“Viva La Fliñg” 2011

Hi Constance,

We were planning on having the UPenn media sources (Under the Button Blog, 34th Street Magazine, and DP) post the announcement this evening, once students have had a chance to start figuring out the acts and a campus-wide e-mail is sent out. The sheets have been put up around campus, but students are taking longer than we thought to start frantically posting facebook statuses and taking over collegeACB. Non UPenn media sources are supposed to be posting the announcement right now, and it would be very much appreciated if your website could follow suit.

We appreciate your help,

SPEC Events
“Viva La Fliñg” 2011

Not only did they send us the poster above the jump, they also sent this “release”:

SPEC Presents: ‘Viva La Fliñg’ 2011

SPEC Concerts is pleased to announce the line-up for this year’s Spring Fling Concert 2011:

Lupe Fiasco, Sum 41, and others!!!

The details: This is a Rain or Shine Event (no rain location, no refunds). Tickets can be purchased on Locust Walk starting on Thursday, March 24th (w/cash only) free of any service charges from 11am-3pm, or at the Franklin Field box office (by cash or credit) during their normal hours of operation every day up until the show. Tickets may also be purchased online at starting on Wednesday, March 23rd. Tickets are available for $30 for Penn students and $40 to the general public.  Day of show, prices will go up to $35 student and $45 public.  Floor access passes will be sold on Locust Walk for an additional $10 on a first come first serve basis.

5 Responses to “Impersonators Send Fake Penn Spring Fling Lineup of Lupe Fiasco and Sum 41 to IvyGate”

  1. Custudent21 Says:

    Lupe is going to be at Cornell on 4/17 too. What I don’t understand is why his and Nelly’s performances weren’t switched.

  2. big red Says:

    because lupe is playing a festival in new orleans on slope day

  3. musicaficionado Says:

    Screw Yale. Cornell’s got Lupe Fiasco w/ K’Naan opening for a concert during the semester. They also had Phoenix and Kid Cudi here last semester. Out of all the ivy concert programming boards, they win.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    YOU guys even found the time to make a false flyer, post SPEC logos plus everything. Cheers for the hard work.

    appointment setting

  5. Yomama Says:

    the best part is ivygate fell for it 3 years ago

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