Critters Invade the Ivies, One Vegetable Dish at a Time

Remember when that Columbia freshman found a caterpillar in her dining hall salad and thought it was so. gross? And then remember when the Columbia Daily Spectator thought it was so. so. gross. and decided to post a video of the caterpillar slinking through the ranch-drenched greens as high pitched voices shriek “this is so gross this is so gross” in the background?

Okay, we don’t read the Spec either so we don’t actually remember that. But it does come up if you search some combination of incest (whoops! That was another Columbian!) insect and cafeteria food on the Internet.

We’ve all seen some nasty things in college dining halls, and we all know that’s because dining halls use wildly illegal and unsanitary practices such as “local produce” and “sustainable takeout boxes.” What made the caterpillar incident particularly icky was the fact that it was maybe the hairiest critter we’ve ever seen and, based on its impressive girth, it had gnawed its way through a lot of grilled chicken before arriving in this particular bowl.

So basically, hairy caterpillar + Columbia dining hall salad = super gross but still kind of badass (did we mention how big and hairy it was?). Got it? Good.

Now, in typical Harvard fashion, a blogger for the Crimson recently attempted to one-up the urban-er other with a dining hall grossout post that somehow still manages to be pretentious:

Who knew that HUHDS put escargot on the menu? Oh right, they didn’t. But for some reason, this Flyby correspondent discovered a slimy little friend in her edamame while eating dinner tonight in Adams House dining hall.

Escargot in the edamame! EVERY TIME!

It seems that this blogger really knows how to get under a Harvard student’s skin. While previous posts about the gym and jobs only got a few responses, the snail story raked in tenreader comments. Double digits! And they sure do show how smart these Ivy Leaguers can be. For the user who chose to dub his online persona “#itsjustextraprotein!,” the post incited both thoughtful analysis on mass dining to the tune of “shit happens,” as well as reminiscence to a time that was earlier but equally laden with blazers and boat shoes:

“1 person liked this.” Yeah, that was me.

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