James Franco Musical To Be Full of Fantasy, Mirth and James Franco’s Artist Touch

Despite rumors that McArthur Genius James Franco’s newest, most important contribution to acting and academia — a romping, student-run musical theater production at Yale — was buckling under the weight of funding issues and a high-level defection, the show apparently goes on. Rejoice! (We guess.)

The Yale Drama Coalition has posted a new page on its website for the Franco-produced show — titled “James Franco Presents” — with a plot synopsis and list of run dates (April 7-9 and 14-16).

We scoped out the page with avid interest, wondering what we can expect from the extravaganza. Would Franco bring to the project the same searing, exacting verisimilitude of his freshman literary debut, Palo Alto? (“Some of the Mexicans called to me. They were carrying their soccer bags and water bottles to the end of the field. They were waving. I waved.”) Or would we get the firebrand, James Dean-esque thespian most famous for out-acting Toby Maguire and a boulder?

Anyway, here ya go:

“James Franco Presents” is the story of a girl dealing with the realities of love and life once she realizes she can’t hide behind the wonderful fantasies of fiction. A comedic drama, this musical incorporates film and live musical theater to tell the story of a cast struggling to write and produce a musical that is grounded in high school realities but with a sci-fi twist. Sex, blood, and surrealism to be expected.

Hmmm, hiding behind the wonderful fantasies of fiction, eh? What does that mean? And who could this protagonist be? Let us ponder!

Could she be…

Auditions will be Jan. 16 and 17, though Sir James won’t be in attendance.

Showrunner Ari Berkowitz and Franco had been planning to hold a press conference this week to kick off the project, only to be thwarted by Snowpocalygeddon part deux. Berkowitz said the event has been tentatively rescheduled for next week, so it shouldn’t be too long until we know more about the greatest theatrical coup since Cats. In the mean time, watch this video of Franco MOing with himself — scored, apparently, by the New York Philharmonic — and wonder how the production could possibly go awry.

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