Impending Demise of Brown’s Naked Donut Run

According to our tipster and Brown’s Blog Daily Herald, NOTHING, not even the stupidest way to get frostbite rational practice of streaking, is safe this finals season.

The Blog Daily Herald reported,

We at BlogDailyHerald are hearing reports that this semester’s traditional Naked Donut Run involved a few too many clothing items. According to our intelligence, after successful (read: naked) Naked Runs at the CIT and the Rock, NDR-ers were stopped by SciLi security and told they had to put on clothes, or face punishment.

Brown is truly crushed about this. When checking Brown’s Wikipedia page on traditions for information about this treasured tradition, IvyGate found this:

At the end of each semester, towards the end of the Reading Period that precedes exams, various student groups walk naked through student libraries such as the Rock, the SciLi, and the CIT and offer donuts to students who are studying. However, at the end of the Fall 2010 semester, Brown Department of Public Safety officers threatened to arrest students involved in the Naked Donut Run on charges of public indecency, forcing the participants to remain clothed at the SciLi.

They’ve already updated the Wiki?! Wow – I guess letting prospies, since they’re the only ones who will read every single Wikipedia page for  each Ivy, know that about this new occurrence is the most important thing the world ever, aside from passing exams.

What will be the fate of this “storied Brown tradition?” Semi-clothed donut run just doesn’t have the same ring to it.  How can Brown survive without the triumvirate of nudity that the fall Naked Party and the SexPowerGod party help complete?

I admit that I don’t know how public nudity really works in Brown’s or Yale’s or Harvard’s or Dartmouth’s or any other school’s culture. I also acknowledge that Columbia students, despite the recent attention, truly aren’t that interesting and could be considered prudes. But seriously it’s WINTER – which forces you to wear more and not less clothing. I think we should all be somewhat content with simply having primal screams as the typical Ivy finals “tradition.” Ok, I admit it’s somewhat lame, but seriously hearing someone scream to the world –“I have five papers to write; I’m going to die!!!!!”— can help make you feel slightly better about your life. On another note,  you can’t beat this snowpocalypse finals phenomenon.

3 Responses to “Impending Demise of Brown’s Naked Donut Run”

  1. Nerdgerl Says:

    They give out donut holes, silly. Wrong image.

  2. AHRPVD Says:

    Not always true. I’ve received normal donuts, albeit sliced into quarters.

  3. Alex Lastname Says:

    It’s actually impressive how much energy the naked donut run people are putting into the one for next semester already. They’ve even found a loophole in the public indecency laws to exploit.

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