Cuz We’re So Hood?

Apparently all the Ivy League shenanigans this past semester have inspired Smart Crew to create a piece of “artwork” which has been deemed “Ivy League League Vandals 2010.”

A tipster sent us a picture of this graffiti and a link to the website entitled Smart Crew USA Writers Club.  According to Wikipedia, Smart Crew is:

a graffiti crew from Queens, NY, that was formed by SYCO13, MEY (Meyhem Lauren) and LUK around 1997. Throughout the years, the crew has acquired members and has become a collective of various artists including DCEVE, KORN, ACTION BRONSON, and MARTY. Their crew logo consists of an Old English style “S” with the image of a graduation cap on top.

First,  Smart Crew’s fans decided to introduce this artwork with an Einstein quote – “Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.” So to fully learn  — you better, right now,  forget  everything you just crammed in the last few weeks. I’m sure that won’t be too hard.

Here are the pictures:

If Einstein wasn’t enough, that had to boost their Ivy cred and cram a Marx quote saying “the smart people will get it” at the bottom of their post.  Really, Smart Crew fans did you have to pull a Faulkner?

Ok, so smart people, do you GET IT? Leave your reactions and musings on how this adds to something in the comments below.

3 Responses to “Cuz We’re So Hood?”

  1. jerrym Says:

    This is awesome. :)

  2. Graffomatic Says:

    IvyGate and YDN totally misinterpretted this graffiti. Smart crew is making fun of Ivy League schools. Smart crew has a history of doing clever, well put together graffiti, and this is another great example of the kind of work they do. But yea, hate to bust the bubble on you guys, but it’s not street-cred for us. It’s mocking us.

  3. Chchch Says:

    No, members of Smart Crew have gone to the Ivies.

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