Bob Saget pledges Cornell fraternity for milquetoast TV show

Remember when Bob Saget and a camera crew showed up inexplicably at Cornell last Spring? Well, the footage he was filming finally aired on his new A&E show, “Strange Days with Bob Saget.” And it’s bad.

A&E’s website calls the show “a new real-life series that busts down barriers to investigate some of America’s most fascinating subcultures and corners of society.” And he chose to pledge a Cornell fraternity, which is questionable logic at best. Saget traveled to ice planet Ithaca to pledge Seal and Serpent Society apparently the oldest continuously operating fraternity in the country. Doesn’t sound all that intruiging. Still, Saget’s late-career resurgence as a dirty old man has been, while skeevy, also at times hilarious. Could be good. (High hopes!)

And then the show starts…

Unfortunately, this isn’t Bob “can you tell that my entire haircut is made from my asshole hair” Saget. This is Bob “that pole gave me a major wedgie” Saget. And it’s awful. Added to that, the fraternity in question – Seal and Serpent Society – is just a little bit off. Like, for instance, when Saget first shows up at the frat house, only to find the entire gang sitting in their living room, staring at him like those creepy twins from The Shining.

There are a few good moments, like when the fraternity’s president starts going on and on about how he wants to apply his degree to becoming a benevolent tyrant of rootie-tootie democracy, or whatever. He uses the word “Oligopolist,” which is funny, even if unintentionally. Then, at a Seal and Serpent formal, one of the frat-stars gives his brotherhood pin to his main squeeze, who happens to be like six inches taller than him.

For the most part, though, it’s just a bland, poorly executed experiment in reality TV. (In our opinion, at least.) You can judge for yourself:

11 Responses to “Bob Saget pledges Cornell fraternity for milquetoast TV show”

  1. Tri-Kap Says:

    Umm… this article is full of errors about fraternities. First, Seal and Serpent cannot be the oldest continuous operating fraternity in the nation as Cornell was founded in 1865.

    Secondly, the oldest continuous “independent”/”local” fraternity in the country is Kappa Kappa Kappa, which was founded in 1842 at Dartmouth College. (One of the oldest, the Lambda Iota Society of UVM, (founded 1836) was recently derecognized because the President of the Fraternity was trafficking cocaine)

  2. thatcornellguy Says:

    bangin’ parties at seal and serpent. a bangin’ formal. seal and serpent somewhat of a deal on campus.

    all proof that reality TV is nothing like reality.

  3. d 11 Says:

    cornell = not fratty

  4. EZRA Says:

    I’ve got an idea. Why don’t they do the next reality show at Acacia so we can really show the world how cool Cornell is.

  5. p '12 Says:

    of all schools, they chose to examine the social scene of CORNELL?

  6. c.u. Says:

    Well, when Bob Saget gets around to discovering what it feels like to get mugged and shanked in real life, he’ll be paying a visit to Penn’s campus.

  7. Cornell Says:

    clearly the people who don’t go to cornell don’t get the irony of showing seal and serpent as a “typical” frat.

  8. Dan Says:

    d11? cornell= more than 40 fraternities. not sure you even know fratty means. GDI.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    clearly people who do not go to Cornell can not seem to be the irony of holding a snake and frat typical.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    One of the oldest, the Society of Iota Lambda UVM, (founded 1836) has recently been derecognised because the president of the Brotherhood were trafficking cocaine.

    Canada Pharmacy

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I read this whole situation, he deserves it. We do not know what he has already sold. and he is facing serious allegations of reasons. As Andrew Lohse sluts had his name all over the web, this guy does too. He has certainly learned the lesson.

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