Princeton Declares War on Hummus, Campus Is like WTF

Leave it to the Ivy League to turn a chickpea spread into a point of political outrage. Princeton’s Undergraduate Student Government has decided that Sabra Hummus–you know, the stuff that can single-handedly turn your dorm-room grubfest into a classy cocktail party–should no longer be sold in university stores. Why? Because Sabra is apparently sending free hummus to Israeli military outfits that have been accused of human rights violations.

Let us quickly interject to say: oh, come on. It’s HUMMUS, people. You’re living on a college campus surrounded by NGO pamphlets and, and this is the most egregious ethical evil you could find? If you’re really that bored, go picket American Apparel or something. Leave the late-night snacks alone.

At any rate, the Princeton Student Government should really know better than to mess with (a) students with strong opinions about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and (b) vegans. If you stand still for long enough, both types will start eying you hungrily. Either that, or they’ll start a Facebook group to take you down, which is exactly what the creators of the “Save the Hummus!–Vote Against the Sabra Hummus Boycott” group have done. As of this morning, the group had over 1600 members.

IvyGate contacted the group founders for comment, and they put us off until tomorrow (expect an update then). But behold a slice of their Facebook page, which includes a long list of reasons why a Sabra boycott is totally effing stupid:

…we think it absurd to suggest that supporting a company that sends care packages to Israeli soldiers is indirect support for war crimes.

5. Context is critical here. This boycott unfairly targets Israel. We’re not seeing an attempt, for example, to boycott products which somehow support the Saudi government despite its truly widespread human rights abuses. And even were the student body to deem boycotts targeted at Israeli goods to be acceptable, where would this stop? Would we boycott Microsoft, Intel, Victoria’s Secret, and other mainstream companies based heavily in Israel? Surely the student body is not willing to take this misguided effort to its logical conclusion.

Ha, like Princeton could ever boycott Victoria’s Secret. Infallible logic right there.

Frankly, both of these groups could probably benefit from a few horse tranquilizers. But since the fat’s in the fire at this point, we’re more interested to see whether people start flinging carrots and pita at each other. Fight! Fight! Fight!

Update: We’ve added the link to the anti-hummus Facebook page, for all you folks who like to play fair. With any luck, there will soon be an anti-anti-hummus and a pro-anti-hummus page as well (nothing makes a shitshow like a few good Facebook factions).

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  1. thatcornellguy Says:

    The Princeton Students have it right. We should totally boycott all groups and outfits that have been accused of human rights violations and treat people unfairly. So if I dare see any Tiger competing in apparel provided by Nike/Reebok/Adidas/Fila or for that matter, any major, commercially sold apparel company, they should be ASHAMED of themselves.

    Christ this is so dumb even the politicos at Columbia wouldn’t even go as so far to suggest this.

  2. anonymous Says:

    This article is overtly biased. It does not even consider the Princeton Committee on Palestine’s point of view and has not even linked to their Facebook page, though it has linked to the other side’s page. The brand of hummus in question (Sabra) is tied to human rights violations, the connection made clear by PCP’s Facebook page: //

  3. Edders Says:

    It’s tied by the fact that it is giving free hummus to a UNIT that has SOME soldiers in it that committed a violation of human rights. Thats the link? Really?

  4. P'12 Says:

    The article is biased in favor of the status quo, because the proposed justification for changing the status quo is retarded. You know what other group has had members accused of human rights violations against Arabs? The US military. Should we boycott the products of every company that has supported American troops? I don’t approve of the way Israel has been handling the whole Palestine thing, but this is clearly just a case of a bunch of Arabs who care more about hating Israel than about actually trying to make things better. But of course, this is a bunch of rich sheltered Princeton kids we’re talking about so they don’t actually do anything meaningful, they just propose a boycott of hummus.

  5. p'11 Says:

    Get your facts straight! The Princeton Committee on Palestine is not our Undergraduate Student Government. No decisions have been made at all. At the moment, it’s too small groups of people yelling at each other and everyone else looking confused or opposing the boycott because they like hummus.

  6. p'11 Says:


  7. p'87 Says:

    The connection to human rights violations is really tenuous – an Israeli conglomerate bought a Virginia salad manufacturer, and the conglomerate supports the troops of its home country, the only democracy in the Middle East, and in particular, their prime combat unit, which of course is accused of crimes by that country”s enemies. For that, these guys want to boycott the American product.

    Now, there is a growing war for the (small but growing) hummus market in the US, between Tribe, which is owned by Osem, and Sabra, which is owned by Strauss/Pepsico. Perhaps this PCP is really a tool of Osem, trying to depress sales of Sabra in favor of Tribe hummus…?

  8. Edders Says:

    Achla Hummus is better.

  9. anon Says:

    Well, that’s embarrassing. I was a big fan of Sabra hummus because I thought they were pro-Palestinian. Hummus never struck me as an Israeli food.

  10. herp derpington Says:

    i like the trader joe’s hummus.

  11. 'zionistentity Says:

    Why is everyone so fummus about hummus.

  12. Penn'14 Says:

    A small group at Penn protested the sale of Sabra on campus…then all the kids from Hillel bought out the stores entire stock and requested more. End of story

  13. ThePostMan Says:

    i am now applying for a phd and i was about to apply to princton…
    well, that’s a 150$ saved!!
    do i really want to go and study at a place like that? i think not…
    when i was little and thought politics were interesting someone once taught me that “you can’t start a movement with negative ideals”.. well, instead of being ANTI-israel try and be PRO-human rights – and that includes Saudi-Arabi, Iran, Syria and many more…
    Israel, infact, is the only country that gives the israeli-arabs the right to vote and to live freely.
    i guess it’s just easier to attack one country then going against your own people…

  14. Aviva Says:

    And Princeton students should base their political opinions on knowledge of the history of the Middle East region, not on MSNBC sound bytes!!!
    Jewish people have lived in the Middle East region for over 2000 years, it is a fact that Jews lived in Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Algeria, before they were persecuted, murdered, and ousted from their homes.
    If anyone ought to claim *right to return* , it is the JEWS!!!
    For G-ds sake, at least know what you are talking about.

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