Computer Science Majors Totally Pwned The Columbia Social Experiment

We knew there was a reason Columbia was in the Ivy League. According to Bwog, some anonymous loner genius noticed yesterday that all the passwords for the Columbia Social Experiment were chilling in plain sight on the open-source hosting website GitHub. Sadly for all of Columbia’s savvy MMOPRGers, Bwog notified the Office of Residential Programs, which promptly had a panic attack and took the files down.

Damn you, Bwog, for alerting the authorities. Wouldn’t it have been spectacularly beautiful if all the project’s winners were googly-eyed nerdbags straight out of Comicon? Who could possibly appreciate a gift basket from The Body Shop more than a dude wearing an “All your base are belong to us” T-shirt? Such a missed opportunity.

Still, the nerd brigade may not have lost the war just yet. We just tried to log into the Social Experiment website, and it keeps freezing. No password prompts popping up yet. REVENGE IS NIGH. Go, Pointdexters, go!

Update: Apparently the Social Experiment has also failed to tear Columbia kids away from their cellphones. A Columbia student’s Facebook status declared:

“Good job Res Life, “The Social Experiment” has gotten us ridiculed by everyone. Moreover, it’s a huge failure because everybody just texts/emails/facebooks the passwords.”

Well none of us really believed that would change anyway, so it’s a wash.

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  1. CC Says:

    UPDATE: ResLife was smart enough to change all the passwords so that the ones that were leaked no longer work.

  2. haha Says:

    I love that they Github to brainstorm the list, as opposed to talking to each other about it in person.

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