Filming at the Ivies – Don’t Believe What You See on the Screen

After a dry spell of quality movies this past summer and Gossip Girl’s pathetic decision to send half the cast to NYU, Hollywood is now turning to the Ivies.

Creating the most buzz right now, is Aaron Sorkin’s Social Network.The movie follows the creation of Facebook at our very own Harvard.

For all those non poli-sci freaks, Sorkin is the creator of the West Wing,which apparently was one of Zuckerberg’s favorite television shows. Upon hearing this fact, Sorkin exclaimed, ““I wish you hadn’t told me that.”

What’s wrong with Zuckerberg being a fan of President Bartlett? Do you now think you wrote the character too much like Joshua Lemon-Lymon?

However, when the movie hits theaters the beginning of October, one will not see the familiar sights of when you “pahk the cah in Hahvahd Yahd.” (Although filming in Harvard Yard is not allowed, countless movies have filmed in Harvard Square, most recently Ben Affleck’s The Town.)

Instead, the production team chose to film at John Hopkins and Andover.  Was a tight budget the reason? Probably not, since Columbia Pictures paid Andover $20,000 and Johns Hopkins an undisclosed payment.

Another interesting filming fact: the Ivy League’s athletic restrictions prevent the filming of current athletes as extras.  According to CNET news, scenes depicting Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the twins who filed a lawsuit against Zuckerberg, mostly were filmed at the Community Rowing Inc. boathouse in Newton, MA using former Harvard and Northeastern University rowers.

Second up, Gossip Girl is now Columbia obsessed and has gone a whole episode without mentioning NYU.

The premiere episode now informed us that Serena, Blair, Nate, and this creeper-girl named Juliette will be attending Columbia in the fall. OMG GG transferring is soooooooooooooooo easy!

Around September 10, Gossip Girl was seen on campus of Columbia filming footage for the 7th episode. Serena, the Humphrey-male clan, and Eric all were in toll. Pics and more deets after the jump:

(Photo Credit: Briana Saddler)

At filming, there was a mystery, snurly looking fellow, who is rumored to be a new character to the show in the fall. (Photo credit: Sameea Butt)

According to rumor, Columbia University will not allow any Gossip Girl filming on campus because they are still miffed that GG once tried to pass off Columbia as Yale. As a result, GG is filming mostly along and near the gates of 116th and Broadway.

In addition, the same night of filming, GG was filming two unknown female characters right next to Barnard. There is rumor that there might be a Barnard sub-plot line including these two characters and Serena.

Last, but not least, Josh Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be starring in Premium Rush, a movie which surrounds a Columbia student who picks up a package at Lerner and later attracts the attention of a dirty cop.

The film has been surrounding around campus throughout the summer. Most recently, filming was seen on 113th and Broadway on September 11th.  The next day, they filmed around 28th Street and 6th Avenue, where I conveniently bumped into filming en route to my internship. Not much activity was seen at the downtown shooting due to inclement weather for most of the afternoon.

To settle the debate of whether JGL looks Asian, here is a comparison of his stunt double and the Inception anti-gravity warrior (Photo Credit: Bwog).

Columbia’s Spectator has 5 interesting facts about Premium Rush filming:

  1. Production companies only have to get Columbia’s approval to film if they’re going inside the gates. Columbia does not have jurisdiction outside the gates, even right on Broadway.
  2. Columbia doesn’t get paid when Premium Rush films. It can, however, charge for the services it provides, like when a facilities staff has to clean up after a shoot.
  3. If a production does want to come on campus, they must explain the project in detail and get it approved by a small committee, made up of representatives from Student & Administrative Services, University Events Management, Facilities, Public Affairs, Public Safety and the General Counsel’s office.
  4. Columbia makes sure projects won’t disrupt student activity. A project is more likely to be approved if it films during the summer or during breaks.
  5. The producers of Premium Rush agreed to hire five Columbia film students

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