The Continuing Misadventures of Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum: This is MY Field

Remember when we introduced you to Princeton’s very own unsuccessful player?  Well now, mama’s little boy Will Harsh is under the impression that he owns athletic fields at Princeton. According to a tipster in the stands during the game, Will Harsh disrupted an intramural softball game for grad students (the Tokabats and Cache Hitters) because he believed that the rugby team was supposed to practice on the same field at that time. Harsh allegedly told everyone to get of “his” field so the rugby team could practice.  After the grad students asserted that they had properly scheduled the field for that time, Harsh threatens to call da po po on these hoes. As the players continued to play, Will reportedly called  public safety on the sidelines. 

Once the game rightfully resumed, Harsh allegedly started to kick softballs onto the field. In a tantrum similar to this minor league coach, Harsh continued interrupting the game by throwing the bases around. Apparently, Harsh even punted the first base. (The arc of the punted first base was so spectacular; the two teams were tempted to calculate the trajectory of this exquisite projectile motion. However, they resisted such desires and realize that this was a petty distraction.)

Pictures and video below were sent to us by our tipster:

Public safety did not express any concern over the misuse of Harsh’s precious fieldand after minutes of negotiations, the grad students continued their game. 

Classy stuff, Whitman family. Nevertheless, Harsh should remember to behave himself so he doesn’t embarrass mommy again and ruin her plan to purchase the state of California cost her the election.

UPDATE, Will’s lack of affiliation: According to random rumors, KA, which deemed Griff worthy of admission, denied Will, a legacy student, because he was, quote “too much of an asshole.” This is coming from distinguished gentlemen who relish in this nationally. Funny, I would think his Alabama father and his inquisitive nature at the Black Arts Company performance at Cottage would have made him a sure thing with these guys.

Ouch. Will, do you need to ask mommy for Band-Aid to cover up these boo-boos?

13 Responses to “The Continuing Misadventures of Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum: This is MY Field”

  1. d14 Says:

    this is so poorly written…

  2. Anon Says:

    Poorly written is an understatement. My God, next time please read it or have someone whose first language is English and has not been drinking read it before hitting SEND. The Harsh desk is far too important to be in the hands of amateurs. The incomparable douchebaggery of les freres Harsh is buried under your sophomoric prolixity and failed attempt to be clever. Begone! and give the Harsh brief to someone literate so we can enjoy it once again.

  3. jterrace Says:

    I'm the captain of one of the teams that had to deal with this jerk. Here's what really happened: //

  4. P'13 Says:

    I know a rugby player who severely broke his leg last year during practice because someone had dug a divot into the rugby pitch and he was unlucky enough to step into it and be tackled.

    If it's the rugby pitch, why are people screwing around on it? Rugby is a dangerous enough game without having to worry about the field being in a potentially dangerous condition.

  5. P'12 Says:

    It’s not a “rugby pitch”, it’s a field that’s open for anyone who wants to use it. Princeton’s rugby team is a club sport that practices and competes at West Windsor Field, a place where a bunch of other club teams (including Princeton’s Ultimate Frisbee team, and local girls’ soccer teams, to name a few) practice and play as well. As for your friend the rugby player, he broke his leg because he was playing rugby. You’re right, it is a dangerous game. But the field doesn’t belong to one team over another, and even if it did, Will Harsh acted like an idiot. The real question is why this is still news when he’s been pulling this shit forever

  6. guest Says:

    Absolutely unreadable. Some of the worst prose I have seen in many, many years,

  7. softball grad Says:

    jterrace describes the situation accurately and succinctly. This post is over the top in all the wrong places.

  8. Rastusthigpen Says:

    The softball guys were playing there with permission, jackhole. Talk to the AD if you have a problem with someone using your precious field. Better yet have Mommy buy little Willy a field that you and the other douchebags who couldn't make the football team can play on. Does Willy really play rugby? In the Pillsbury Doughboy division?

  9. P11 Says:

    as much as I appreciate the will harsh-hate, the “update” on this post unfairly and incorrectly tried to group the KA guys in with him, instead of praising them for denying him admission.
    constance, you don’t get points for how many people you try to make look bad, just how well you do it.

  10. Jdepp Says:

    I guess you can't buy class.

  11. Beach Boy Says:


    I am a California voter and retired state employee. I read this article with amusement. It seems like this privileged little boy has learned how to play the game well from his billionaire mother. He thought he could spin the story so he could get his way with softball players, similar to his mother spinning IPOs from Goldman Sach's investments so she could enrich herself to the tune of $1.78 million. I hope his mother has taught him to vote on a regular basis, which is something she did not do for twenty-eight years. By the way, he needs to work out on a regular basis. He is developing a paunch and love handles like his Mom. From his physical appearance, it is hard to believe that he is a rugby player and much less captain of the rugby team.

  12. p11 Says:

    is ivygate outsourcing its writers to some ESL candidates?

  13. Peter K Says:


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