And the Poison(ous to the) Ivy Award Goes To…

An I’m-relatively-positive-it’s-a-porn-pseudonym “Cooper.” We at Ivygate have a penchant for hastily avoiding gooey gossip like this, but a well-exposed tipster’s turned us on to what could possibly be the world’s smartest porn-star. For this “stunningly handsome hunk” on (we’ll spare you the hyperlink), who claims to be “East-coast born and bred” and an “ivy-leaguer,” stripping down seemed more bang for the buck than suiting up. What could possibly drive “Cooper” to porn? Well, what could possibly drive Kurt Schneider to this dirty film? No one’s really meant to answer these questions.

We’ll remain skeptical – at least until someone can prove us otherwise. And Cooper, some advice: razors can shave even where you can’t see.

3 Responses to “And the Poison(ous to the) Ivy Award Goes To…”

  1. perv Says:

    Keep in mind, this is the same site that featured a star wrestler from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in all of his self-pleasuring glory.

  2. Y'11 Says:

    don't be such a prude, this IS the world-wide web, after all. how am i supposed to prove you wrong if you don't include the hyperlink? good thing i have fratmen bookmarked.

  3. cooper24 Says:

    im not from the east coast. ill take the smartest porn star award however.

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