Is Adam Wheeler Commenting on the Crimson Website?

Hey, remember Adam Wheeler, the entrepreneurial youth who lied his way into Harvard? He’s moved on from the big-time heists to the small-time, like the bored Ray Liotta at the end of GoodFellas — if Ray Liotta posted anonymous screeds praising himself on newspaper comment boards. On this Crimson article, a commenter named “Dr. Dennis Farbson” claims personal familiarity with Wheeler:

have known Wheeler during his unfortunate tenure at Harvard College. Although I can’t speak on all the criticisms leveled against him, I have known him to be a brilliant scholar of the highest distinction. We have worked closely on a number of topics, and I can attest that his wit is spontaneous and adaptive. I highly doubt he would need to embellish his accomplishments.

“Farbson” also references the “Bolsheviks” and “Admissions Politburo” in calling for a more egalitarian admissions system and concludes:

This is mistake of the worst degree. Harvard has lost the nation’s confidence in its preeminence.

Okay, sure, “Dr. Dennis Farbson!” But! There are no Google hits for “Dennis Farbson,” as a commenter pointed out. “Dennis” replied:

Great work Commissar Google! It’s a pseudonym, you dolt.

We tend to side with the anti-Farbson commenters, beginning with “chaosakita,” who asked, “Who would be so pretentious to attach “Dr.” to a “pseudonym?” The plot thickens, when “leoniceno” asked:

[O]utside of Wheeler’s senior thesis adviser–and, to be generous, maybe the graders, who would’ve been from inside the department–who but Wheeler would know enough about his thesis to crap out the last paragraph of gobbledygook?

This, plus my feeling that there are similarities between the prose style on display here and the prose style employed by Wheeler in the writings and materials that have been released, leads me to lay better than even odds that this is Wheeler’s writing. And if it indeed is his writing, it shows that he is so entrapped in his self-deception that he can’t escape even as it’s all crashing down.

Oh, man, the Wheeler trial will be so insane — with valences in academia, admissions, the internet, and, apparently, the Red Army — that we’re almost scared.

4 Responses to “Is Adam Wheeler Commenting on the Crimson Website?”

  1. not adam wheeler Says:

    He is in jail.

  2. leoniceno Says:

    As I said in the comment, if he's still in jail the whole theory is bunk.

  3. Also not Adam Wheeler! Says:

    But …. but….. who would post personal character testimony under a pseudonym?

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