Creative Dartmouth Fratboys Snort Coke off of Their Brothers’ Photographed Faces, Urinate on Their Socks, Destroy Their Tables; Police Confused

As generations of uptown yuppies, downtown hipsters, Austrian supermodels, and Ivy society types have discovered, cocaine is one versatile and fashionable narcotic. Stylish as it is already, snorting it through rolled-up Ben Franklins makes it even classier. Or off of a mirror: super 80s chic. You can slice it and dice it every which way: really, it’s an outlet for creativity.

So, how to amp up the cool-quotient of your high, while adding that special Ivy League flavor? Well, turns out the DartCoke bros and an unknown number of their SAE cohorts have found a way: snorting the drug off of the grinning visages of their fellow brothers, immortalized on alumni photo composites. Combine that with Jim Beam shots, unrequited lust, post-Tabard fun, and the venerable SAE “Pool Room” (all chronicled in Sarah Koo’s arrest affidavit, great bedtime reading) and you’ve got real Hunter S. Thompson fodder. And apparently, past partakers in the common-room antics that got the “SAE 3” — Andrew Lohse ’12, Brian Shea ’10 (for snorting) and Clark Warthen ’10 (for witness tampering) — pinned with felony charges and kicked out of SAE have left traces all over their frat, confounding the cops.

The basic story: eyewitnesses told police that they had seen some of the foolhardy fratboys snorting off of composites– picture frames with head-shots of every brother in a certain year, usually festooning frat walls and trophy closets. The dutiful police went in to test the pictures for cocaine residue, CSI-HPo style.

But here’s the rub: According to an insider source, the crusading popo picked up the wrong composite for testing, one that Shea and Lohse had never used. The guys thought they were in the clear, and probably headed off to go dance to house music and clench their jaws. One problem though: the other composite also had cocaine residue on it, allowing the cops to bust the unlucky trio. Catch 22, we guess. They can’t really say, “no, test the other one!”, can they?

You could definitely see headshot-snorting as a profound gesture of brotherhood, though one sort of nullified by the fact that it was a fellow brother, Phil Aubart, that called security on the drug trio. Seems as if the frat has a double problem: a snake in the grass and coke in the composites. A bro civil war is afoot! That said, does Aubart really deserve the destruction of his pet brotherhood project, an apparently-cool table, as well as people peeing on his socks?

“[Aubart] cared a lot about that table.”

Never come between a boy and his furniture. According to Phil, quoted Warthen’s arrest affidavit, it gets worse, with plans for

“pissing on all my stuff”

and statements like

“a number of guys want to kill you.”

Witness-tamperer Warthen, former Vice President of SAE, showed off some impressive, Solomon-like leadership by issuing an open fratwa against Phil. (For reference, here he is in The Dartmouth defending the display of the Confederate flag and chastising an offended black woman for her ignorance.) He had this to say about Benedict Aubart, in an angry email to his pals, planning vengeance:


can you seriuously [sic] smash-bros the shit out of phil’s table? it would really mean a lot to Brian, and would be a great signal to Phil that it’s not just a small contingent of people in the house that despise him, it’s truly a widespread sentiment that he’s the most abhorrent thing ever happen to this house and this campus.

And Smash Bros they did (Falcon Punch; none of that lame-ass Kirby nonsense). The table was shattered and immolated, post haste. Andrew Lohse just spit on Phil, while others poured beer on his door and put their bladders to work on his clothes. “They stand together“: fraternity and camaraderie, obviously bonds everlasting. At the very least, the sad, gonzo story of shattered brotherly love and squandered opportunities has left us with this tidbit, probably the best thing ever written in a Hanover Police arrest warrant:

I asked Mr. Shea about his relationship with Bernadette Reyes [accused snitch]. He stated that she is a girl that wants to “hook up” with him. He denied that he has any interest in her and attributed the attraction to being primarily one way. I told him that I had some further work to do with Bernadette Reyes and that I did not want him to communicate with her until it was completed. He agreed not to be in contact with Miss Reyes.

And of course, making the rounds from an anonymous source:

I asked an SAE what happened. He said, “I’d love to Phil you in, but can’t Shea anything other than doing drugs is not Warth it because you could Lohse everything you’ve worked for. I told him that’s Koo but it will be Hart not to Reyes the question later.”

12 Responses to “Creative Dartmouth Fratboys Snort Coke off of Their Brothers’ Photographed Faces, Urinate on Their Socks, Destroy Their Tables; Police Confused”

  1. patri Says:

    Warthen was not charged with any cocaine charge. An “egg-on-my-face” apology was written by Daniel D'Addario for the error in his original ivygate post on this topic.

    Surely Alex Klein read Daniel's correction and knows this. Yet Alex chose to make repeated references in this post about Warthen and cocaine.

    Why would Klein do that?

  2. d'10 Says:

    cocaine isn't a narcotic.

    good effort though.

  3. P10 Says:

    shutup alex klein

  4. 10 Says:

    I wonder if Alex Klein will cover the recent news that at dartmouth a coed house, one of the most open places on campus, is being charged for serving alcohol a minor. It doesn't fit into his niche of ripping into fraternities. Although I'm sure it will allow him to falsely accuse someone by name for some sort of crime.

  5. Obvnotdartmouth Says:

    Thank you for taking my client from B@B you poor, slovenly fool.

    If you ever want to rise above slanderous bull you might have to get better sources.

  6. ivygateblog Says:


    “classified under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) as a narcotic.”

  7. Me Says:

    Aubart may have ruined the lives of his frat brothers. He deserved what he got and more.

  8. d'10 Says:

    “That said, does Aubart really deserve the destruction of his pet brotherhood project, an apparently-cool pong table, as well as people peeing on his socks?”

    Are you kidding me? Yes. He ruined their lives; they ruined his stupid fucking shop project.

  9. D'12 Says:

    It wasn't a pong table you stupid, stupid idiots. It was a nice side table he made for the fraternity.

    Also, every fraternity does shit off the composites. If they searched Dartmouth, they'd find residue on every one.

  10. d'10 Says:

    does anyone else find the term “Snort Coke” to be grating? c'mon, Al, it's 2010. we blow lines now.

  11. just stop please Says:

    klein does it again. yet another ill informed, overly-snarky, obnoxious post. sweet.

  12. D'13 Says:

    News from Lohse: //

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