Cornellians Hit Number 2 On iTunes

For the last two weeks or so Cornell’s campus has been abuzz with conversations that go something like this:

“Did you hear that song that those dudes in SAE produced?”
“No. What? What song?”
“Go on iTunes. It’s like the number 2 song and Eminem’s in the remix!”

The conversations are all referring the B.o.B. song “Airplanes” featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore and more importantly, featuring a chorus written (not produced) by two Cornellians (only one of which is an SAE bro).

Alum Jeremy Dussolliet and senior Tim Sommers, who go by the stage names Kinetics & One Love, respectively  have given Cornellians something to gush about. The hit single has got the student body equally excited and surprised that two of the Big Red’s own are behind one of the chief tracks on the charts right now. And by a quick glimpse at Kinetics’ & One Love’s Facebook profiles, both guys seem similarly awed via their statuses filled with thankfulness and a bit of gloating:

The duo are signed on as songwriters for Warner Music Group, so now we all know at least one senior whose not playing the unemployment tango come G-day. As for the Cornellians who are facing unemployed at the end of May, you probably have a few mutual friends with the guy whose song will be playing in the background all summer as you scour for places to send your resume… if that makes you feel any better.

Penn Football Co-Captain Passes Away

Tragic news out of Penn: Wharton junior Owen Thomas was found dead Monday afternoon in his off-campus residence, after taking his own life. After a recent spate of Ivy League suicides, at Cornell and Yale, the news weighs heavily. Owen’s funeral will be held Monday and the university will provide transportation. Our condolences to the Thomas family and Penn community.

Ivy Parties Win Bloggers’ Hearts

Here’s a nice, end-of-semester tidbit. With the help of many IvyGate links and pics, the crack investigators over at Guest of a Guest have done a thorough rundown of the Ivy League’s Spring booze-fests, from Lawn and Slope to Fling and Chewbacchanal(?). The results are compelling. The article lavishes praise upon our Ivy shindigs (though Harvard and Columbia are noticeably absent) before criticizing NYU’s painful-sounding “Strawberry Festival.” Its full of witty commentary and worth a read.

Highlights of the weekend included a Mr. And Ms. Brown competition, and, according to the Brown Daily Herald, “popcorn, cookies, and other food refreshments in the Blue Room”. Man, those Brown students can party!

Oh Ms. Atik, you know just how to amuse us sardonic, self-hating Ivy Leaguers. Then again, you did get tricked by our MGMT-April-Fools post…

[Guest Op-Ed] Ivy and The Supremes: A Bill Kristol Conundrum

A story that has been placed on the back-burner — thanks to Congress’ latest production of “The Passion of Goldman-Sachs” — is the race to find our new Associate Justice. Just like J.J. Abrams of Lost, Obama is going to milk this thing for all its worth until any resolution becomes overhyped, at which point all viewers will undoubtedly be left disappointed and exhausted, but relieved that they can finally start watching Harold in FlashForward.

After thoroughly destroying the case for an empathetic judge in the last nomination process, Republicans are going for the jugular, trying to prematurely kick out the last legs of any potential nominee. William Kristol, a Harvard alumnus and current professor complained to Fox News

I think it would be good to have a nominee that stood up against powerful interests like the elite law schools, which are a powerful interest in the U.S. and have done a lot of damage.

Now, to be fair, IvyGate hasn’t gone to law school yet (just like Bill Kristol!), and given our crummy LSAT score and the skyrocketing number of applicants, it doesn’t look like we’ll be going any time soon. However, while we have made our position clear on this issue already, we’d like to point out the following few things as well. Why Kristol’s Ivy Diss is patently absurd, after the jump:

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EXCLUSIVE: Harvard Law Prof Adds “Model” To His Resume

Noah Feldman, Harvard Law professor, has emerged from the Ivory Tower into the world of high fashion. This weekend’s WSJ., the magazine of the Wall Street Journal, features a photo, exclusively obtained by IvyGate, of Feldman posing in a blue blazer for “a fashion spread of men of note who modeled different versions of the iconic navy blazer,” we’re told. Well, the blue blazer IS an Ivy League staple, but the books scattered around Feldman (get it? He’s smart!) may be overkill. What say you, commenters? Hot or not?

Some context: Feldman is known for feuding with Lion Wieseltier, and clerked for David Souter; the New York Observer has said he’s one to watch for a future Supreme Court appointment. No word yet on whether this will hurt or help in the apocryphal future-Senate hearings. Either way, IvyGate heartily endorses fashion spreads starring professors (the full spread is online Friday, but doesn’t have any academics). Maybe we can get Ruth Simmons into Vogue one of these days…

Michelle Obama Skipping Princeton Reunion

That’s right. Sorry to all those of you who wanted to see the First Lady, or just find out what a patterned cardigan and chunky belt combo looked like in real life.

Yale Postdoc Killed Outside Home

Sad news out of New Haven, where the YDN reports that 34-year-old postdoctoral Medicine fellow Vajinder Toor was shot by an individual who, Gawker writes, was a former co-worker at Brooklyn’s Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center. This comes, for the University, in the same academic year as the senseless Annie Le killing. Toor leaves behind a wife, six months pregnant, and a three-year-old child.

Penn Sophomore Shows Off Ridiculous/Gaudy Estate on Teen Cribs

Tucker, Penn ’12, is better than you. His pool house has two floors; he has a 19th-century country-house in the middle of DC; he has great polo shirts; and he also has the audacity to show it all off on MTV’s Teen Cribs. Now, despite the ‘let-them-eat-cake’ unintentional elitism–and the surprising tackiness of the house itself–the Johns family seems nice… almost, too nice. One brother describes his parents as “the-bomb-dot-com”; Tucker himself says he spends most of his free-time chilling with his “awesome family.” (The parents are, of course, venture capitalists.)

Through some stilted line-deliveries and awkward tracking shots, we learn that Tucker is

20 years old, and a big fan of anything to do with pop culture.

The attire is preppy par excellence (note the many St. Albans sweaters), and the family is actually sort of adorable, if monarchical:

We have this big island in the middle of the kitchen, so when my Mom’s cooking you’ll find us around it, talking and laughing.

Cut to San Pellegrino and Evian in the transparent fridge (plus super-cool MTV transition music).

Our favorite quote is Tucker’s, wandering the outside grounds:

It’s kind of unusual to have a trampoline in this area. Not a lot of people have big yards.

Cue sister Gussie, riding up on a Vespa (Tucker: “Oh look, there’s Gussie!”), before giving us a tour of their family’s private lacrosse field. This proves a mere lead-in to the family’s luxury two-story pool-house (a hell of a lot bigger than my apartment) where “it kind of feels like you’re not in the city anymore.”

Well, they finally figured out how to make the cold materialism, fetishized elitism and tacit arrogance of Cribs even more skin-crawling: just add a splash of the Ivy League.

Full video here. Skip to 14:40 for the Tucker segment.

Ivy League, Stand Up Against “Glee” and Its Facebook-Messaging Audition Hordes

The email “tips” on videos of Ivy Leaguers (usually Yalies and Columbians, coincidentally enough) singing showtunes in order to get a guest spot, or something, on the Fox show “Glee,” keep on coming! But this reporter is OVER IT. You do realize Fox is using you as fodder to drum up enthusiasm about its show and not to make you superstars, yes?

“Glee,” already a show which feeds into the worst tendencies both of high-school theater kids, has begat a wave of tips and Facebook messages and Gchat statuses from so many attention-grubbing college friends-of-friends who want to be America’s Next Top Neil Patrick Harris, or whatever! You do realize that the people on “Glee” all got the show through… having agents, yes? If you want to sing, then sing! But do it in an a cappella group, like your classmates. There’s probably less racial and sexual tokenism there than on this awful show!

Not Every School Can Have MGMT or The Roots

Mixed reviews for Columbia’s “Chewbacchanal” — featuring Ghostface Killah, Of Montreal, and Wiz Khalifa. Some felt the set was delightful:

Next up, Ghostface Killah—the man, the myth, the legend—took the stage. Using the sound of gunshots to punctuate his raps, Ghostface’s act had a much rougher flow than that of Khalifa. However, Ghostface echoed Khalifa’s success at encouraging audience participation—the audience screamed his name and flashed Wu-Tang Clan hand signs. Highlights included Ghostface’s performance of a hit from his Wu-Tang Clan days titled “Wu-Tang Clan Aint Nuthing Ta F’ Wit” and a cover of Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s “Shimmy Shimmy Ya.”

Right, of course, Columbia students threw up the Wu-Tang sign. Is this the same Columbia campus where they set up a jumbotron for “Glee”? No, Columbia is now “urban”! Other students abandoned the pretense of authenticity and just wanted to hear Of Montreal’s Outback Steakhouse jingle:

I demand that of Montreal come back to campus so that the band can perform the one song we all wanted to hear. Perhaps they could also bring us all Bloomin’ Onions as penance. If they don’t, I guess I’ll just have to pretend that the band’s dissatisfying performance didn’t exist.

Have fun at your spring concerts, kids, but think of the Columbia students just yearning for red meat (real and metaphorical).