Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya School of Government

Ashley JuddEarlier we let you know that noted hand-bra model and erstwhile A-lister Ashley Judd was enrolling in Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government to pursue its mid-career master of public affairs. While the news of an out-of-work actress turned activist matriculating into a master’s program is hardly noteworthy beyond the Ivy League gossip blog circuit, it got a fair amount of press. And any good star faced with publicity will make a show of ducking it in an effort to live like a normal person. A normal person who didn’t used to make movies, that is.

Judd seems to be nervous about people remembering her in gems like The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and Eye of the Beholder, because she’s requested Harvard take additional steps to protect her privacy as a student. MPA program director Robin Engel sent out an e-mail last month detailing what the best university in the country is doing to make Judd feel like one of the little people. Among the efforts are a public block on her registration information, a security officer at program coffee breaks, and directing all calls about the 1990 University of Kentucky graduate to her Hollywood publicist. No word on whether on not they will issue her the same pamphlet the other Harvard graduate students got.

3 Responses to “Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya School of Government”

  1. mccxxiii Says:

    B*tch, PLEASE…

  2. mccxxiii Says:

    B*tch, PLEASE…

  3. Innis_mor Says:

    On behalf of Ashley Judd I apologize to you for her if your nose feels out of joint over all this. I sincerely hope this makes you feel better. Jeepers, what some people get their knickers all in a know over!?!

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