Cornell Fan Admits Cornell Does Not Belong in the Ivy League

kekqorivydxoits20081206231215We’ve heard it all before. “Cornell shouldn’t be in the Ivy League.” “It’s practically a safety school.” “You’re not really an Ivy Leaguer if you majored in the Ag School.” “Yes I am and you look like a pre-op transexual.” What has not been discussed is where the Big Red would go should they leave or be kicked out of the Ivy League–it being an athletic conference after all. Stepping up to fill that void in the discourse is Cornell basketball blog The Cornell Basketball Blog. And boy are they setting their sights high.

Most of the Big 10 schools are large public universities set in collegetowns. The Big 10 schools not only excel in athletics, but they are also regularly ranked among the top national academic universities at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.
Cornell is very much all of the above.
Genius! By moving from the Ivy League to the Big 10/11, Cornell would improve their academic standing from the eighth-best in the conference to second-, third-, or fourth-best in the conference. But what about being competitive in athletics?
As for athletics, Cornell is a national power in several major sports, including indoor and outdoor track (men’s and women’s), wrestling, ice hockey, and lacrosse. Even the Cornell men’s basketball team made two consecutive trips to the NCAA Tournament and finished 2008-2009 with an RPI better than a pair of Big 10 teams (after finishing 2007-2008 ranked ahead of five Big 10 teams).
Wow! They finished better in the RPI than two Big 10 teams this year! If only they had played some of them. And that certainly is a lot of sports Cornell is nationally competitive in. It’s hard to think of a single Cornell sports team that isn’t good. This is a brilliant idea. It frees Cornell athletics from the shackles of the Ivy League and opens a spot for a school that Harvard and Princeton won’t be embarrassed to be seen with. I hear Northwestern may be interested.

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  1. Handyjack Says:

    I can dig all the talk, but education is also about walking the walk and applying oneself fully to education and future.

    The entitlement factor of many students in some of these universities is staggering.  I have experienced it myself.

    Be more grateful and apply, actively. 

  2. Tiffany Says:

    I just don’t understand why they don’t chuck cornell, brown and dartmouth out of the league and include stanford, duke and georgetown. They are so much better than no name ivies like cornell. I really wish the ivy league undergoes a massive reorganization.

  3. You're dumb, period. Says:

    Walk into oncoming traffic, or go back to the kitchen.

    As mentioned a million times before, the Ivy League is an ATHLETIC CONFERENCE based on geography and similar competitiveness in sports. The only school in the region I see worthy of replacing an Ivy is MIT, but it’s about the size of Dartmouth; not to mention less competitive in athletics. The other “candidates” simply can’t relate to the lower-tier Ivies in terms of academics, so they shouldn’t be in this discussion whatsoever. It’s all hot air.

  4. haha Says:


    I guess we all know what school this idiot goes to.

  5. Guest Says:

     Nope, that dumbass goes to Duke, the ultimate safety school for future rapists

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