Ragtime February 9, 2009: Herpes and Your Employment Chances

It’s Still Around. As Indulgent As Ever.

usnewsivygateThe Paper Trail – an education blog for U.S. News & World Report – has once again listed IvyGate as a contender for the best alternative media outlet of the year. Other nominees for the poll, which closes on February 17, include Wesleying, Bwog, The Daily Clog, Mads Vassar, Onward State, Saxa Speak, Timothy Dwight, MiddBlog, and the Critical Badger. Presently we are in last place, with a mere 1.35% of all votes. By contrast, Timothy Dwight – a blog about a certain cult group residential hall at Yale – is leading the polls at 28.72%, and Bwog – the blog of Columbia’s Blue & White – is in second place with 24.9%.

The reasons why IvyGate is being trounced by the likes of a dorm blog at Yale and campus-specific new media rags are numerous. One explanation is that some sites, like Timothy Dwight and Bwog, have posted links to the poll below their mastheads and are urging readers to vote multiple times. Another reason may have to do with the fact that IvyGate content has been conspicuously spare since the beginning of the new semester. This is due to our own laxity – we’re lazy and underpaid (read: paid nothing) – and also because we’ve been sorting out, in a productive way, our various levels of commitment for 2009 and onward.

In short: the hibernation is over and we’re as eager to probe the bizarre depths of higher ed as we’ve ever been.  If you’ve got a hot tip or want to write for us – we’re hiring! – email us at tips@ivygateblog.com.

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