Toon In, Drop Out: The Cartoon Renaissance

Something is afoot in the opinion pages of the Ivy League dailies.  Maybe it’s the fresh enthusiasm for the new academic year.  Perhaps it’s an infusion of talented new editors.  Perhaps it’s a response to public outrage at the appalling degree of apathy that supposedly intelligent and dedicated students display in the quality of their schools’ publications. Whatever the cause, things are changing for the better. Which is not to say that every cartoon published this week was good. Every day, some editor decides that a facile, quippy Sarah Palin cartoon is just what his or her page needs, despite having made the same decision only days ago.  But we’re staying positive, right?  Come see what happens when people actually draw good cartoons, just after the jump.

Yale Daily News, David Meunzer (Friday 9/19): Getting Rid Of The Goatee… Always A

Good Decision

There are a few times in a man’s life when he is forced to eat his hat. In the past, I have made no secret my disdain for the consistently annoying douchebaggery put forth by Yale cartoonist David Meunzer. His highly stylized cartoons featured a recurring character, most easily recognized by his insufferable goatee and twippy comments, and, my god, did I hate it. So imagine my surprise on Monday morning when I woke up to find a David Meunzer cartoon that wasn’t about that annoying guy and was actually pretty funny. And imagine my delight when he published this gem today. I actually think this is the funniest thing I’ve seen in any Ivy League daily paper ever. I would comment further, but I believe true genius speaks for itself.

Harvard Crimson, (Wednesday 9/17): Baby Steps

Even infrequent readers will have noticed how awful the cartoons in the Crimson are. In addition to having the same trite and unfunny quips that plague most college editorial cartoons, Harvard leads the way in sloppy, haphazard cartoons (like yesterday’s, for example) that look marginally better than the stick figure I doodled on my lecture notes this morning. The Crimson cartoon staff could still take a lesson from David Meunzer on how to fix the former issue, but even I was impressed by the serious improvement in the quality of the drawing in this cartoon. Like Bob Wiley, perhaps the Crimson has decided to take baby steps towards some larger goal, like, uh… publishing good cartoons. Or perhaps they simply sold their souls to the devil… like Brandon Fraser.

Brown Daily Herald, Joe Larios (Monday 9/15): Sometimes, It’s Good To Be Blunt…

Once upon a time, I wrote about the role of cartoons in the pages of Ivy League papers.  When and how is it appropriate to address national issues in what is essentially a local paper? The answer, I think, is when one has something unique to add. In this cartoon, Brown cartoonist Joe Larios proudly proclaims to the world that, yes, we are in college, yes, college students have lots and lots of sex, and, yes, they like to joke about it. Especially when those jokes involve kindergarteners. Or maybe that’s just me…

Columbia Spectator, Michael Molina (Thursday 9/18): Uhhh…

This is called “Turtle’s Nightmare.” I think it should be more like “Turtle’s Bad Acid Trip.” I mean, those mountains are just f*cking creepy, and the tree on the right (I think it’s a tree) looks like Oscar the grouch. Only a drug-addled mind could draw something like this. Then again, has anyone else seen Imaginationland?

Finally, as I said last week, here’s the winning entry for the Ivy League’s hottest librarian, sent in by Long Ouyang of Harvard:

This is Allison Rone, whom I salute as not only the hottest librarian I’ve ever seen, but also, based on the content of her biography on the Harvard webpage, my write-in candidate for President of the United States. Rone-Palin whoo!

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  1. emasgfdsdgfn Says:

    somebody explain to me what the first one is referring to (besides jurassic park)

  2. emasgfdsdgfn Says:

    somebody explain to me what the first one is referring to (besides jurassic park)

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