The First Rule of Kappa Is Don’t Talk About Ivins

The sisters of Kappa Kappa Gamma refuse to comment on alleged bioterrorist Bruce Ivins’ purported obsession with the Princeton sorority. Presumably, most sisters are just being cautious, with the exception of Katherine Breckinridge, a Kappa alum and advisor to the Princeton chapter, who signed an FBI nondisclosure agreement requiring her not to comment. But in a Monday interview with the AP, Breckinridge came dangerously close to commenting, revealing that she had been interviewed by the FBI “over the last couple of years” about the case and maintaining that the only connection between Kappa and Ivins was in the guy’s mind.

Except for the talkative Breckinridge, the Kappas have publicly held their tongues about the case. But Ivygate has learned that behind closed doors, these Kappas are actually real Chatty Cathys when it comes to the subject of alleged bioterrorist Bruce Ivins.

An anonymous current Kappa sister writes:

i dont really get why he would be so interested in Kappa…i mean of all the sororities on campus we are the most diversely boring…and also the most unworthy of obsession.

But is there any real diversity on Ivy League campuses?

Nevermind, back to bioterror and hot girls. Through another anonymous source, Ivygate has acquired an email from Kappa Diana Norton, ’09, telling her sisters their Facebook group will be made private for “at least a week” and “if a reporter contacts you, through facebook or any other means, do not speak with them.” The whole email after the jump.

Hey girls–

I just wanted to let everyone know that the group has been made secret for at least the next week in order to protect members’ privacy. If you are the admin for a pledge class group, I would recommend that you make that group secret as well, and to all members, I would strongly encourage you to either up your privacy settings or weed out your facebook profile so that nothing is on there that you wouldn’t want the world to see. Finally, if a reporter contacts you, through facebook or any other means, do not speak with them. It is Kappa National Policy that actives not speak with the press. If you have any questions, you can call or email me.



Listen Diana, I’m not down with this not speaking to reporters thing. We’re just honest young men and women doing our jobs trying to exploit you. Which reminds of another one of your emails we’ve anonymously acquired.

Norton writes:

Hey all–

I know that if any of you are following the news, you will know that our chapter has found the national spotlight, which isn’t very cool, especially since no one currently active in the chapter was around in 2001. I know that I got several calls yesterday from the Washington Post, which weirded me out because I don’t know how they could have gotten a hold of my cell phone number, and I know that others of you are dealing with the same through Facebook or other means of communication.

I just wanted to forward you all this message from Katherine Graham, who used to be our Chapter Council adviser, and now is just an all-around awesome person. Please pay attention to this and try to protect your privacy as best you can.


Katherine Graham didn’t have much to say (the email is only about three lines long). She wants all the “Zeta Phi Actives” to know that “Any questions should be directed to Fraternity Headquarters.”

Wait, can I direct questions there?


Oh yeah, you girls aren’t speaking to us. Whatever.

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  1. Tully Says:

    Sorority girls not speaking to us? Sounds like all of college.

  2. Tully Says:

    Sorority girls not speaking to us? Sounds like all of college.

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