Guest Editors Re-Die, Nerds Rejoice

Guest Editors Re-Die, Nerds RejoiceOur maligned guest stint has come to a close, ladies and gentlemen (we can hear you cheering already), and we’re happy to say that it’s been grand. We hope we were able to keep you from falling asleep during office meetings, at the very least.

They say it’s dull in the summertime, but our two weeks has seen its fair share of scandalicious stories: Caroline Giuliani and Lucy Morrow Caldwell went head to head, the Ivy nerds took revenge, Hillary Clinton showed how she answered the voice crying in the wilderness, Yale’s Beta Theta Pi fraternity went the way of the dodo, the Daily Pennsylvanian took heat from one of its own, a four-person crowd of fire-breathing bigots took Ithaca by storm and Cornell was simultaneously voted best and worst motto in all of academia.

(Oh, a few more things: sex, Kazakhs, gambling, MBAs, crime, snobbery, harassment and idiocy.)

So from the bottom of our hearts:

Andrew Nusca: We asked you to bring the comments on, and you brought it. It’s been a pleasure to carry the torch for Nick and Chris whilst they tanned on the beach (or drank in the bar), and working with Newell these last two weeks was like enjoying a fresh hoagie from Wawa or a wiz-topped cheesesteak on South Street: nothing short of rewarding. I’ll take this opportunity to sign off with my original greeting: Cheerio, fuckers!

Jim Newell: Thank you for reading our stuff. I’ve enjoyed building loving/hateful relationships with certain commenters. Andrew Nusca for president. And if for some inexplicable reason you want to get in touch with me, or you’ve got about 27k + benefits to throw away, I can be reached at Let the hate mail begin!

Lastly, I’d like to dedicate a pick-me-up to poor Caroline Giuliani. We all have bad stretches, Caroline. Don’t be ashamed to cry it out. It’s not unusual at all:

Be nice to the next guest editors and TIP THEM (! 


Jim Newell & Andrew Nusca 

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