Brown Protesters Shout Ray Kelly Out of Providence

Protesters at Brown students shouted down NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly, preventing him from  giving a scheduled lecture, “Proactive Policing in America’s Biggest City.”

Having previously tried to get the administration to call off the event, they did on their own, yelling over Ray Kelly, each other, and the Brown administrator who failed to appeal to the students’ decency.

In the above video, produced by the Brown Political Review, you can see various students stand, raise their fists, chant, etc. And you can see other students remain seated, roll their eyes, and tell them to shut up. Administrators called it off after thirty minutes of this, before the scheduled question and answer period.

President Christina Paxson wrote in a statement, “The conduct of disruptive members of the audience is indefensible and an affront both to civil democratic society and to the University’s core values of dialogue and the free exchange of views.”

Update, 11/6, 9:54 p.m.: Paxson is investigating whether the hecklers should be disciplined. A Daily Herald poll showed that 73% of students opposed the heckler’s actions.

Drama: A Do-Over for the 119th Annual Varsity Show?

“A tradition of drama, satire, and Columbia spirit”—that’s our annual Varsity Show. At its best, it critically and cohesively ties off one year in Morningside Heights. At its worst, it delivers three hours of dull one-liners that reduce to, “Ha, ha! We go to Columbia, too!”

Broad consensus on campus is that V118—two shows ago—was the former.  V119—last year’s—was the latter. Read the rest of this entry »

Zete Test: “As a pledge, you have no rights as a person”

55.5 is bad enough, but the redaction job merits no credit at all

Sometimes you anonymously post something online. And sometimes you don’t do such a good job at the anonymity. See: this poorly-redacted Zeta Psi pledge test that was posted multiple times to bored@baker.

Lots is worth reading; we just want to draw your attention to one wacky essay question:

During homecoming, you are playing against an alum (’12) who looks blacked out, and his partner, who is a ’17 girl, who seems creeped out by the whole situation. Based on the conversations you had with the alum while playing pong, he is extremely against the administration and claims he took down Jim Kim. The game comes down to half cup versus half cup. The alum comes up to you, says that if he wins this game, he can hook up with this girl, completing his Dartmouth X. He says if he loses, your black book will be destroyed, and he will take Zeta Psi down. The girl clearly looks uncomfortable and wants to leave, but seems too intimidated to speak out. What should you do? Explain why.

Wow! And here’s the pledge’s answer, which was pretty much the only thing he got near-full credit for:

Tell the two players to wait a bit and for your partner to watch them. Then grab an exec and tell him to come down and handle the situation. As a pledge, you have no rights as a person nor do you have authority over anything. This ’17 needs to get carded by an upper. The alum should be dealt w/ by someone who knows him. [emphasis ours]

[N.B. Eric Siu, the Dartmouth sophomore whose name is on the test, ignored a great number of emails for comment. As did Zeta Psi. But the test was explicitly mentioned in the Beta listserv that Gawker published, and all the names in the test refer to real Dartmouth students or fraternity brothers.]

“lol @ him being #11.”: KKG’s Cougar Party Guest List

Anons doin’ work

“Seems as though Dartmouth has yet to learn the lessons of the Beta info leak,” writes a tipster. Kappa Kappa Gamma, “Dartmouth’s flagship sorority,” left a Google Doc guestlist for a party open for editing and viewing. That spreadsheet found its way onto b@b (see above). It was taken down, but not before some b@b anons got into it (and not before our tipster saved it.)

KKG seems to have invited the entire hockey, lacrosse, soccer, rugby, and squash teams by looking up the members on the Dartmouth Athletics website. (But no juniors or seniors, hence the name of the party: “Cougar Tails.”)

Read the invite list for yourself, and see which ’16s and ’17s pass Kappa muster. (The sisters’ comments are included, for instance: “lol @ him being #11.”)

And: right after they took down the Google Doc, they switched to a public Google Form…which has now also been closed.

Update: As a commenter correctly noted, other sorority Sigma Delta co-created the list (and will co-host the party).

Update: According to the D, one invitee, Parker Gilbert, was indicted by a grand jury for seven counts of aggravated sexual assault that he allegedly committed last semester.

A “Very Princeton” Email


A tipster called this email “very Princeton…” We agree.

From: Hafiz Dhanani
Date: Wed, Oct 16, 2013 at 10:31 PM
Subject: Paying $10-$20/hr for some basic errands
To: [a residential college]
I have a few errands I need done tomorrow (Thursday) that I don’t have time for.

I’m paying $10-$20/hr depending on the task. Simple stuff, like going to the post-office, etc.

Respond to this email if you’re interested and we’ll iron out the details.

- Fiz

Running for 2016 student rep, Dhanani said, “Anything you need… ever… I’m here” (if what you need is to run his errands).

Also: “I’ve realized that the most powerful thing about this opportunity to be class rep, is that you get to lead other leaders.” You know, because we’re all Princeton students (and therefore born leaders), and because you should run his errands.

Fiz, if you found anyone, you know what to do:

[Image from his LinkedIn page]

Ivy League? Sexy League.


For all its problems regarding campus climate and rape, Yale continues to place on national rankings of “sexiness”. This year, The Daily Beast ranked Yale University seventh on their “20 SeXXXiest Schools” list. (Remember when Newsweek was a thing? We miss it too, guys.) The only other Ivy that made the list was Brown University, coming in at #19. Hot!

Read the rest of this entry »

The Only College Confidential Post You Should Ever Read

Subject line: “Athlete Going to Columbia–Is Columbia Fun and Preppy!” Behold:


I am pretty sure that I am going to Columbia for crew next year, and I am very excited to be in NYC, but I come from a super traditional and preppy boarding school, and I actually love that lifestyle, and don’t want to lose that in college. I get that Columbia is a cultural melting pot filled with incredibly smart people from all over the world, and I totally appreciate that, and that is one of the reasons I like Columbia, so I can open my horizons.

BUT… I have grown up in a preppy environment my whole life, and some of you might say that I am an elitist, but I love the tradition, the lifestyle, the community, the clothing, and the education. I want to make sure that I am still getting part of that experience that I love and have grown up around.

I don’t want to be the only person dressed in hunter rainboots and a barbour wanting to go to a kegger party, and I don’t want to have to deal with a bunch of intellectuals chain smoking cigarettes on the Lower steps 24/7. This is a little silly, but I also want to make sure that there are boys I can date here that share at least some of the things that are important to me…


To the author, username abullock: they’re called the Low Steps. And—please—pick another school.

Columbia Athletics: So Bad They’ll Pay You to Go to a Game

We few, we happy few

Columbia football is not good. Three weeks into the season, they have lost three times: to Fordham (52-7), to Monmouth (37-14), and to Princeton (53-7).

This weekend, the Lions are slated to lose to Lehigh. More of the same, right?

Wrong. This one’s gonna be aired nationally, on NBC. So that’ll be pretty humiliating. (Maybe not as humiliating as going on NBC for hate crime arrests and questionable tweets, but still). But, the athletic department reasons—if we must lose at home on national TV, we should at least do it with stands that aren’t quite so empty as usual.

Accordingly, athletics is trying something that CU has done before, with middling success: bribing Columbia students to be, well, more normal.

To that end, Columbia is offering two $1,000 prizes: one “to the student group that brings the most students” and the other “to the most spirited student group.” The administration also included a helpful tip for Columbia students unfamiliar with how sports fandom works: “bring signs and wear Columbia apparel.”

We’ll see how many hungover Columbia students drag out the Columbia tee they haven’t worn since high school and make it up to 218th street by noon. Since we can’t have a fair bet over the game: over/under 15 students for the winning group?

[Stands via @ColumbiaLionsFB]

The Princeton Tiger Tweets, Sucks


Good morning, everyone! In case you missed it: Last night, the Times of Trenton reported that shots were fired around 8 p.m. last night inside Princeton’s Nassau Hall. Two-and-a-half hours later, after an extensive building search by police, the all clear was issued; all, as they say, was well.

Now, you’d expect that any reports of a shooting—however insubstantial—would be taken seriously. The Princeton police force certainly wasn’t playing around when they responded to the 911 distress call. On a campus of thousands, though, there’s always one person (or, in this case, group of people) who makes light of potential tragedy in the hopes that nothing too tragic has happened; at Princeton, they’re The Princeton Tiger, the nation’s “third oldest college humor magazine”. From their Twitter:


Because school shootings are funny

Hilarious, right? (That joke probably would have been funnier if someone was actually shot, though.) Of course, this isn’t the first time the Tiger has been caught with its pants down. Earlier this year, during a bomb threat targeting “multiple campus buildings” at Princeton, the Tiger was ON IT.


7 minutes in heaven instead, anyone?

Wonderful. I know where I’m getting my smart takes on breaking news at Princeton!

Update: We’ve just received word that this tweet was sent during the early stages of the reports of gunshots. An anonymous tipster said the tweet was sent when people were panicking, locking doors and checking Twitter for real information about what was going on. Seriously, guys, the fuck? —Ed.

Dartmouth Drops $30,000 on Frat Breadsticks Annually

Artist’s rendition of a Fratpack

In what one anonymous commenter has called “[a]nother outrage,” Dartmouth College will no longer supply frat parties with breadsticks.

Party packs, those “ubiquitous bundles of bottled water, garlic bread, and marinara sauce found in the front rooms of fraternities and sororities hosting parties” were costing the College “around $30,000 a year.”

Party packs were intended mitigate risks associated with binge-drinking, if, say, you weren’t responsible enough to drink some water and put something in your stomach while getting hammered.

Said one commenter: “As an alum, I can tell you that there were many nights where a snack and some water from a party pack did me a LOT of good and helped keep me out of trouble.”

Dartmouth administration said the too-expensive party packs cost weren’t doing much for harm reduction, but students and Greeks alike will miss them.

Ben Hawley ’16 expressed disappointment over the packs’ imminent disappearance.

“It’s really too bad,” he said. “I used to enjoy eating the party packs a lot.”