Come On Guys: Columbia Theta Throws Stereotype Themed Party

ugghhhh not again

Team Mexico via Bwog

Last night, Columbia University’s Theta sorority celebrated what looks like a good ol’ stereotype-filled Beer Olympics. Groups of girls dressed up as Mexican, German, Japanese, Dutch, French, and Jamaican, according to pictures obtained by Bwog and the Columbia Spectator. Bwog notes that the mixer was held in SigEp–though no pictures of the young men have surfaced yet–and should have been registered with the administration, per Columbia Greek life policies.

At this point you’d think these young women would know better than to participate in a culturally appropriative theme…or at least to not post the damn pictures all over Facebook and Instagram for all to see and screenshot.

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PENN: Allegedly Racist Mixer Thrown, Messy Public “Dialogue” Ensues

Over the weekend, UPenn fraternity Beta Theta Pi and sorority Chi Omega hosted a mixer in which people presumably got drunk, took pictures of themselves, and wore clothes that they sure as hell wouldn’t wear to class. But this time around, overly cropped tops weren’t the issue: the partygoers sported fake knuckle tattoos, “thug” insignias, baggy hoodies and sweatpants, and flipped-back hats. And according to student Ernest Owens, P ’14, the mixer’s theme was “gangsta,” and it was “offensive, disrespectful, racially charged, out of line, and straight up buffoonish.”

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This week on the venerable HuffPost Live, user “gaydood” asked a hard-hitting question: “is sex better at better universities?” Rather than making the correct response of “yes of course! So much good sex all the time always forever!” participants Donny J. of Cornell and Margot Harris of Brown succeeded in perpetuating the Ivy League image of nerds clumsily bumping uglies. They grew immediately uncomfortable and tried passing the question off to each other, with Harris finally claiming she didn’t have enough experience with other schools to have a particular theory. Thanks a ton, guys.

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Penn Community Reacts to Recent Deaths

When University of Pennsylvania Elvis Hatcher, P’16 passed away on February 4th, students did not receive an email from the university announcing his death. They did not receive an email announcing the death of Madison Holleran, P’17 over winter break or for the nine other Penn students who have lost their lives in the past three years.

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Harvard’s 15 Hottest: An Analysis

Let’s be honest here: Valentine’s Day–and true love–is really about objectification, and no one understands that quite like Harvard. The Crimson just released its annual 15 Hottest Freshmen round-up, and this year’s selection is bound to impress. So many Splendid shirts. Such wind-blown hair. It’s good to see that Harvard is equal-opportunity in its objectification: the group is almost painfully diverse, to the point that you can almost hear each race being checked off a list somewhere as you scroll through the portraits. While Yale’s Rumpus releases a similar “50 Most Beautiful” feature each year, New Haven’s idea of beauty seems to include a lot of warm and fuzzy criteria like volunteering and having wholesome extra-curriculars or alternative passions. Harvard only cares about how attractive your face is, and we respect that single-minded honesty.

Our heavy-duty mathematical analysis finds that the hottest point of origin is New York State, with over a third of the freshmen hailing from Manhattan, Rye, Larchmont, or some other Westchester city. Internationals make a healthy appearance: 3 out of the 15 are from outside the U.S., doubtless with charming accents to prove it. Canaday and Weld are tied for buildings hosting the most heat, with 3 each. We’d also like to take this moment to point out that Harvard has a dorm called Wigglesworth. Oh, Harvard.

In the spirit of appreciation, we’ve awarded some superlatives of our own below. Congratulations, you lucky freshmen! Go out on the town (the square?) and experience the prime of your beautiful youth.

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What if a fake Twitter account tried to out JFK’s grandson and no one cared?

A fake tweet linking to a not-existing article

Brief item, here: John Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg, JFK’s only grandson, is the editor of the Bullblog. Today a fake Twitter account—@JJSchlossberg—tweeted the above phony link. Queerty fell for it, as did some some people on Twitter. Sources tell us that the Kennedy in question is “100% not gay.”

We’ve contacted Schlossberg to see if he’ll set the record straight in time for Valentine’s Day.

Update, 7:32 PM: JBKS sent IvyGate the following:

Conor –

The twitter account belongs to someone who impersonates me online. There was never any article posted, and instead was a link to a non existent piece. And for the record I am not gay. Thanks.

Sent from my iPhone

How To Get Into Columbia

just like this

Your dorm room during that month you were a “DJ”

Ever wonder what Columbia University admissions officers are looking for in your application essay? Wonder no more!

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Penn: Need Friends? There’s An App For That

Hate to burst your bubble...

If you’ve heard of Grouper, you already know what’s coming. Inspired by the online matchmaking service, Penn now has its very own social start-up to link like-minded students, and its name is just as punny as you would expect. With the tagline “Expand your circles,” it seems that rather than acting as a dating site, GrouPenn just wants you to make new friends. Think that sounds peculiar/desperate/pathetic? Remember the last time you made a new friend, then get back to us.

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Harvard Student Killed in Crash

As The Crimson reports, an undergraduate student was killed in a traffic accident in New Jersey this morning. The Crimson could not confirm the student’s name at the time, as administrators are still contacting parents. However the Crimson does say that the student was “returning from a competition in Virginia” and that other students were injured and treated at a local hospital—indicating that the crash likely involved a sports team vehicle (though, of course, this is speculation). According to Go Crimson, the women’s Swimming and Diving team were successfully competing at the Virginia Tech Invitational in Virginia this weekend, in their final competition before Ivies.

UPDATE, 12:30 AM

An email from Interim Dean Pfister confirmed that Angela Mathew, H’15, died in the crash. She and six other students were returning from a mock trial competition. The Crimson reports that three students were injured and taken to a hospital in Trenton. They were driving in a minivan, hit a guardrail, and were struck by a tractor trailer.

“Our hearts are broken,” Pfister wrote. “This is a very sudden and unexpected loss.”

Yalies Need To Work On Their Humor, Common Human Decency

Hate to burst your bubble...

Hate to burst your (prizewinning economic) bubbles…

Generally when a Nobel Prize-winning economist—like, say, Robert Schiller—agrees to teach a 400 person course to a bunch of 18-year-olds—like, say, the Yale Introductory Macroeconomics class—the 18-year-olds in question sit back, shut up, and bask in the knowledge.

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