“An elaborate experiment in collective insanity”: Andrew Lohse’s Unpublished Essay About Hazing at Dartmouth

The shadowy entity known as Goldman Snacks, previously responsible for publishing hazing whistleblower Andrew Lohse’s book proposal, has leaked a series of Lohse’s private emails, which we’re sifting through right now. (Know more? Get in touch.)

In the time being, here is a column Lohse wrote under the pseudonym “Phineas Ridley.” It was never published.


By: Phineas Ridley ’12

[Column removed at request of Andrew Lohse.]

  • JYK

    Honestly, can we just accept the fact that this kid is a nut job and move on?

  • Seriously?

    This kid actually wrote an op-ed, then tried to write an opinion piece under a pseudonym to talk about said op-ed. If this isn’t media whoring for the sake of media whoring I don’t know what is.

  • anon

    one coked out elitist douchebag takes on a school full of coked out elitist douchebags

  • Ed Holmes

    Lohse is clearly Goldmansnacks.org. His brother, John was dating Osserman. John Lohse would never out his brother and GS would never redact his name. This is clearly a ploy to “confirm” hearsay and drum up anticipation for the book.

  • S.S.

    I read his side of the story in rolling stone. Although I respect that he’s changing from being a complete elitist overly sexed…person, I must say that I could never go back home after being kicked out of college, if my parents had ever paid for my college. I’m sorry that they blamed you and you shouldered most of the burden, however do your piece and then move on. There’s bigger fights out there than worrying about a broken system that doesn’t WANT change. Fighting for environmental issues is way more important than relaxed drinking games.