A Cornell Student Pulled A Mike Tyson During Late Night Brawl Outside A Food Truck

A Cornell sophomore channeled everyone’s favorite face-tattooed boxer last night, allegedly biting the ear of another student during a fight, The Cornell Sun reports. The ear assault took place outside Louie’s Lunch, a food truck on Cornell’s North Campus, which was closed at the time.

It is unclear whether the nature of the assault biting and the location were coincidental, or the students just got a little too hungry and impatient. As one Sun commenter so perfectly put it, When Louie’s is closed, you’ve got to eat something.”

Mini Mike Tyson has been identified by The Sun as Conor Goetz, who was charged with assault in the third degree. If convicted, Goetz could face up to a year in prison.

7 Responses to “A Cornell Student Pulled A Mike Tyson During Late Night Brawl Outside A Food Truck”

  1. CitizenWhy Says:

    Is he related to that Goetz guy who long ago shot some kids in the NYC subway? But maybe I have the name wrong.

  2. CitizenWhy Says:

    Alert Fox News. His Facebook page says he was a Fellow on the Obama campaign. This shocking news should keep Fox busy for about 2 years.

  3. Doh Says:

    Also surprised at his proud display of his fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha, on hid cover photo. Figured they would have him take that down, not exactly the best publicity for a fraternity..

  4. doh Says:

    oh and lookie here..now his cover photo is hidden! that took two more days than i expected haha.

  5. BigGreen4Life Says:

    Idiots always go to state schools haha

  6. lololol Says:

    Dartmouth is the last school I want to hear that from.
    What is that place known for anyway?

  7. Agreed Says:

    Totally Agree. Dartmouth’s a joke.

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