Yale Junior To Be On ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’

This is so much cooler than College Week on Jeopardy!: Yale junior Joey Yagoda will make his television debut on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire this coming Monday, October 1, and Tuesday, October 2. (A.K.A. tonight and tomorrow).

Yagoda is currently the treasurer for the Yale College Council and an Ethics, Politics, and Economics major, so this kid really likes money (we hope that he’s in a room somewhere rolling around naked in all the piles of cash he’s handling). The viewing party for this should be killer and I really hope the douchebag who blurts out the answer to Yagoda’s last question is promptly beaten with a stack of benjamins. Coincidentally, Monday is also Yagoda’s birthday so we sincerely hope that the party includes some variation of this game. (Replace Regis with Meredith).

Yagoda told us he taped the show in the midst of shopping period, resulting in possibly the best excuse ever for missed classes.

“I didn’t have much time to train because I had to shop classes. Since I only found out the day before classes started that I had to shoot it that week, I basically had the most insane shopping period ever, sending e-mails to professors asking about the application process to get into their seminars and also mentioning that I wouldn’t be able to attend seminar the next week because I had to be on Millionaire.”

I would rather poop my pants than figuring out what to wear on a national, syndicated television program at the prime hours of 12:30 and 4:00 PM (NY and CT, respectively) but Yagoda has more balls than your typical IvyGate writer (actually, so do most people).

“At first, I wasn’t scared about what to wear. Then someone suggested that this was the ‘biggest fashion moment of my life,’ and I decided I had to kick it into high gear. I had to send in three potential outfit choices to the associate producer. Pulling from advice from a few Calhoun friends (special shout-outs to Meghan Uno and Rachel Sobolev), I picked two of my own shirts and bought another shirt as potential outfit choices.”

Yagoda also had the chance to chill with ABC Daytime’s most valuable personalities: the ladies of The View.

“Some fun moments were seeing Elizabeth Hasselback when entering the elevator to go down to the stage; seeing Whoopie Goldberg when leaving the elevator to head toward the stage; chatting with Sherri Shepard in the lobby after the taping and having her try to get it out of me how I did on the show.”

I always knew Angie Jordan Sherri Shepard was the most hard-hitting journalist of them all.

But perhaps the best part of Yagoda’s Millionaire appearance was the chance of getting to openly mock Hahhhvahd and then having that adorable little clip used in every single promo ever:

Photo: Disney-ABC

  • Mike Conrad

    Quote: “this kid really likes money (we hope that he’s in a room somewhere rolling around naked in all the piles of cash he’s handling).”

    Wow, anti-semitic stereotype much?

    • yer Funny

      lol, where does it mention him being jewish?