Pornographic Video Filmed In Cornell Library Discovered

Yesterday, a tipster alerted us to a thread on Cornell forum Ezra Hub, where someone had posted a pornographic video they believed was filmed on Cornell’s campus. IvyGate can confirm that the video was filmed in Carpenter Hall, Cornell’s Engineering Library.

A link to the video is still up on Ezra Hub for anyone who is interested. Below is a photo from Carpenter to see the comparison for yourself:


  • Peter Jacobs


  • bigred111111

    welp at least we know which table not to sit at now

  • Joeiwjoijeoigjoew

    This is golden. A huge win from the procrastinating students at Ezra Hub, and IvyGate sets off the shit storm of publicity.

  • Anon210

    i cant stop jacking me beefy taco

  • Anon210

    i cant stop jacking me beefy taco

  • brian

    Where do I view this?

  • me

    Where is this????? The Xhamster link is down, how do we see it???