PHOTOS: Cornell Sorority Sisters Drunkenly Vandalized a College Building Last Night [Updated]

Avicii performed at Cornell last night—and it was, apparently, crazy. (Six hospitalizations! Drugs!) So crazy, in fact, that members of a certain Cornell sorority—or, quite possibly, a rival house—used spray paint to vandalize the exterior of Cornell’s Schwartz Center with the letters of Cornell’s Delta Delta Delta sorority. A tipster noticed the fairly extensive carnage and sent us the photos below.

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UPDATE: in an email to IvyGate the President of Delta Delta Delta says her sorority believes one of its members is responsibile for the vandalism:

Ivy Gate,

We first noticed the graffiti on the Schwartz Center sometime Saturday morning, so it was unrelated to Avicii as Ivy Gate reported. I was home for a family event so I had not seen the graffiti myself.

I suspected it was one of our own sisters as opposed to a “rival” organization based on what I know about the climate on campus and within the greek system. At this time we suspect that the “artist(s)” were internal.

Tri-Delta does not condone this type of disrespect to our university. We are deeply embarrassed by the defaced walls of the Schwartz Center, where many of our members perform and work. Tri-Delta is prepared to pay for any and all costs that are associated with the removal of the graffiti.

I have been in contact with the facilities manager of the Schwartz Center apologizing for the graffiti and offering our financial reparation.

Morgan Bookheimer

  • anon


    • Anonphaggot

      Yeah brah, the world is going to end because of this outrageous act

  • Cornell Greek ’13

    I witnessed two girls spray paint “Tri Delt” on the side of Schwatz….I asked them “What the heck are you doing?” They just looked at me, concealed the silver spray paint can in a hoodie pocket and ran off…. Disgraceful.

    • The Rake Hell

      Cool story, bro.

  • Namer

    Financial reparations *and* physical labor!

  • mar

    no they did this during the day at like 12pm…I walked past as they were finishing up lol

  • mar

    no they did this during the day at like 12pm…I walked past as they were finishing up lol