Former Yale Daily News Writer Fired From Wall Street Journal Internship For Making Up Sources

A recent Yale grad is at the center of a news story today. Unfortunately for her, all the characters in this one are real life actual human beings, rather than in her head.

Tuesday morning, the Wall Street Journal posted this on their website:

“Many of the names contained in the article about the re-opening of the 103rd Street Pedestrian Bridge in Manhattan were fabricated by reporting intern Liane Membis, and the quotes couldn’t be independently verified. Ms. Membis is no longer working at The Wall Street Journal.”

This can be trusted, and if need be verified, because the people at the Wall Street Journal are all real, and not in our collective imaginations. It seems like Membis has a pretty active imagination, as two other pieces she contributed during her less than three week internship have been edited on the Journal’s website to remove quotes that couldn’t be verified.

Membis has also contributed articles to the Huffington Post, CNN, and Ebony. At Yale, Membis was notably a staff writer for The Yale Daily News, collecting 41 bylines in two years at the newspaper. In a statement posted Tuesday afternoon, Yale Daily News Editor in Chief Max de La Bruyère writes that the paper is “investigating the work she did for us and, so far as possible, verifying its accuracy.”

However, as is the Law of Journalism, once you mess up, everything you’ve ever done is immediately called into question. So now, we may never know if Gandhi won Mr. Yale, or if Bill Gates is anti-diarrhea. And the devastating Yale Zombie Attack of 2010? It may never have even happened.

  • rick131

    Why is there so much lying, and cover ups and plagerism at Yale. And you know she only got the job becasue she was a minority female.

    • Emma

      Let me guess, you’re one of those angry white men who’s resentful of Ivy Leaguers and minorities for “taking your jobs,” when in fact you’re not even capable of spelling the word “plagiarism.”

      • Dartmutt

        Address the substance of his accusations instead of resorting to ad hominems, please.

        • Dick

          What substance? It was literally JUST an accusation. There were no reasons to address.

          • Dartmutt

            Surely, in light of this story, there must be some truth to the accusation that Ms. Membis “only got the job becasue [sic] she was a minority female.”

            Let’s stay on topic, please.

          • Emma

            Why would that mean that there was some truth to the accusation? I can name a dozen white journalists that were busted for doing the same or worse–how did they get THEIR jobs?

          • Emma

            Why would the two things be related? I can name a dozen white journalists who did the same, or worse. How did they get THEIR jobs?

          • Dartmutt

            Surely, in light of this story, there must be some truth to the accusation that Ms. Membis “only got the job becasue [sic] she was a minority female.”

            Let’s stay on topic, mmkay?

      • David Duke

        one affirmative action admit defending another, what a surprise

        • Emma

          I’m white. But OK.

    • Joe

      You stay classy, pathetic anonymous racist on the internet!

      • Liane Membis

        well, as we know now, she was clearly unqualified…

        • libbyx

          Liane Membis, Ripped off our established 2005 Glasgow, Scotland , United Kingdom, where LOVE SEES NO COLOUR. Her politically correct, always box ticking, light fingered fraud, online http://www.liberettemag,com that is sadly obsessed with the colour of a persons skin.
          What decade are you from, who are you Liane Membis?

  • Harvard Admissions

    Yale grads lying, cheating and failing in the real world? unprecedented!

  • BookerT

    Affirmative action strikes again! Jayson Blair Part Deux. It’s too rich that the yanked WSJ article, “Bridging A Local Divide,” was all about black whining and victimhood. Just what you would expect.

    • Observer

      You mean like Stephen Glass, Ruth Shalit and numerous other White journslists?