UPDATE: New Hampshire AG Reviewing Dartmouth Whistleblower Doc, May Investigate College’s Board of Trustees

As IvyGate reported last week when this letter was but a mere blip on Dartblog’s webpage, a group claiming to be comprised of Dartmouth faculty members filed a complaint detailing the Dartmouth Board of Trustees’ mishandling of the College’s $3.4 billion endowment. Just as a reminder, the letter, which can be found in full here, features several instances of Dartmouth Board members receiving millions of dollars in fees for their companies, which include Morgan Stanley, Apollo Management, and Goldman Sachs.

Now it appears that someone is listening. The New Hampshire attorney general’s office announced Tuesday that it was reviewing allegations of mismanagement and conflicts of interest at Dartmouth, according to Reuters. While a Dartmouth spokesman categorically denied the accusations, the College could be found to be in conflict with their not-for-profit status should the accusations turn out to be fruitful. We’ll keep you updated as more comes out on this.

  • rick131

    Say it ain’t so! Businessmen and administartors lining their pockets with “consultant fees.”

  • Uh-oh

    Excuse my laziness, but what would happen to the College if it IS found to be in conflict with their not-for-profit status?

    • Hank Paulson

      i believe the IRS would slap them with a fine in the low millions, and life would go on

      • Uh-oh

        That’s what I was thinking as well.

  • Huey

    Funny. Scrooge McDuck would be an excellent choice of a mascot for Dartmouth.

  • chris

    the authors of this letter are so stupid — the people mentioned in the article give far more money to dartmouth than they actually receive in fees. dartmouth chooses to invest with them because they are the BEST in the field. steve mandel is a billionaire not because dartmouth invested with him — dartmouth invested with him because he is a billionaire and good at his job. bruce rauner got 7 million in fees…? he’s given over 20 million in total!