Shocking Study Reveals Ivy League Profs Support Obama, Liberalism

Thanks to a piece posted today by the good people at The Dartmouth, IvyGate’s attention was brought to a recent study by the Center for Responsive Politics, a group tracking campaign finance data. Apparently, the Center saw fit to track how the Ivy League would influence the 2012 presidential election, compiling data on how professors at the eight schools donated to the Obama and Romney campaigns. Luckily, Bloomberg Businessweek went through and organized the numbers, so we didn’t have to.

What did they find? Basically, what everyone should have expected: Ivy League professors love Obama, and are indoctrinating their students to do the same. Well, at least the first part. But gosh, do these ivory tower elites love their Obama. According to Bloomberg, Professors, administrators and others employed at the eight universities of the Ivy League have given $375,932 to Obama and $60,465 to Romney.” Read on to find out the juicy specifics:

At Brown, bastion of liberalism that it is, Obama took in $17,869, while Romney received a measly $500 donation from a faculty member. Cornell seems to have emerged as a conservative stronghold, with Romney raking in his highest numbers with $6,000, although Obama still dwarfed that with $22,869. Harvard brought in the biggest numbers for both candidates, providing more than a third of Obama’s Ivy League haul with $131,654, and half of Romney’s, with $31,600. Lest we forget, this is their shared alma mater.

And while we’re at it, here’s some interesting facts we found from poking around the Center for Responsive Politics’ website:

  • Censured congressman Charlie Rangel isn’t just being supported by his colleagues in the House, he’s also getting $2,000 from the Princeton faculty.
  • Harvard and Yale alum Richard Blumenthal (the junior senator from Connecticut and no stranger to IvyGate), seems to have fans all across the Ivies, taking in thousands of dollars from faculty at Columbia, Harvard, and Yale.
  • Cornell faculty members have donated $2,750 to House incumbent Maurice Hinchey’s reelection bid. Unfortunately, Hinchey is not seeking reelection.
  • CitizenWhy

    Those damn Ivy League professors, preferring facts to wild assertions. Since when have facts counted in the real world?

  • rick131

    Smarter people have always had more liberal ideas.

    • wbf

       Yeah, that William F. Buckley was a complete moron

    • BH

       Liberal academics indoctrinated by liberal academics, in turn indoctrinating liberal academics-
      very few of which have ever been employed by anything other than a

      It’s not that they’re smarter, it’s just that they’ve never seen the outside of their liberal academic bubble.   It’s like inbreeding, except more socially acceptable to the 1%. 

      • anon

        You’re joking, right? No one has more inbreeding and nepotism than conservative rich white people.

        • ltjg

           And you’re saying…. that’s a bad thing?

      • Uh-oh


        Also, it’s not hard for an academic to vote Democrat when the government is pumping more and more easy money into institutions through providing cheaper student loans and grants, artificially raising the cost of tuition…AND THEIR SALARIES.

        It’s funny how Democrats complain about tuition skyrocketing when they’re the ones responsible for “trying to put everyone through college” regardless of the financial consequence. Now we’re just a country of junk-degree factories.

        I can’t wait to read the mature comebacks for this one…

        • Lawrence_Summers

           No, I’d say it’s pretty hard for an academic to vote Democrat, now that the Communist Party is no longer de facto banned.