Dartmouth’s Descent Into Chaos

Some excerpts from The Dartmouth’s superb report on the 17 arrests over Hanover’s Green Key Weekend:

Safety and Security received its first call at 8:35 a.m. on Friday morning about a male student naked from the waist down walking on Webster Avenue and trying to get inside a vehicle outside of Kappa Kappa Kappa fraternity, Kinne said.

At 6:37 p.m. on Friday, Safety and Security responded to a vandalism incident when a male student jumped onto the hood of a car driving down Webster Avenue during Phi Delta Alpha fraternity’s Block Party and dented its hood.

“One of our officers saw a male student with his hands around another male’s throat and officers at the scene were able to separate the two students and take them outside the house,” Kinne said. “The individual responsible for the choking was very intoxicated and struggled with the officer, pulling him into the bushes.”

[A male visitor] became increasingly belligerent and tried to punch one of the brothers at the door, at which point the brothers escorted the non-student off the fraternity’s steps, Sherril said. The young man continued trying to contact his friends, but he fell and appeared to injure his head while walking around outside the fraternity.

 “Dartmouth students drink?” — IvyGate tipster.
  • CitizenWhy

    Chaos? Not at all. These acts are perfect preparation for a psychopathic career on Wall Street.

  • rick131

    There is nothing to do in Hanover, hello?

  • BH

     If it wasn’t for Dartmouth, would Hanover even NEED a police department?

  • Reed3

    That picture is totally misleading and not representative of the Dartmouth population whatsoever. If it was Keystone light on the other hand…