Check Out the 99% of Yalies Who Are in Secret Societies

Yale’s “Rumpus,” an old IvyGate favorite, posted a new issue online recently. While the articles are excellent, the true treat is the pages and pages of the membership of Yale’s “exclusive” secret societies. Besides the big three — Skull and Bones, Wolf’s Head, Scroll and Key — which we’re going to continue to assume are the epitome of selectivity and pretentiousness, there seems to be a society for everyone! Yay!

According to a nice long-read from the Yale Herald, society numbers have been booming in the past few years. What was once for the elite of the elite is now home to more than 50% of seniors, who have been refounding societies, like Mace and Chain, or starting their own from scratch, like the still young Double Cuffs.

This can only be seen as a great equalizer across Yale’s campus. Now, even members of the secret society Spaghetti and Meatballs, or as Rumpus puts it, S&M, can say they were part of a system that housed the Bushes.

  • CitizenWhy

    Does anyone at Yale still read Jonathan Swift? Remember the vignette about leaping for ribbons?

  • anon

    I guess they are all in the closet at Yale.

  • 95 senior societies?

    From the article:  ” What was once for the elite of the elite is now home to more than 50%
    of seniors…”

    Doesn’t Yale have approximately 11400 students? 

    Assuming that is accurate:  11,400 students / 4 = 2850 seniors x 50% = 1425 (number of seniors alleged to be in societies)  / 15 ( approximate number of member in each society) = 95! 

    So you are suggesting that there are 95 senior societies at Yale?

    • J.K. Trotter SuperFan

       11400? Try half that, yale isn’t a shit sTTTate school like cornell or penn state philly.

      The math still works out to an unreasonable 47 secret societies – from which we can conclude that Ivygate is shit, pure shit.