Students Want to Protest Ron Paul, But Just Can’t Decide How

Ron Paul is trekking up to Ithaca on Thursday to address Cornellians, and it goes without saying that having a presidential candidate speak at your campus is a pretty big deal (even one with as negligible a chance at the nomination as representative Dr. Paul). And if Ron Paul is known for one thing at this point, it’s making his views heard, however unpopular or offensive they may be. Just like that time when he told a room filled with a largely Hispanic audience that he opposes the DREAM Act, which would offer in-state college tuition to certain undocumented students. But he opposes it for “economic” reasons.

That doesn’t sit too well with Cornell’s aptly named DREAM Team, a student organization created to support undocumented students and the recent recipients of the James A. Perkins Prize for Interracial Understanding and Harmony. As ambassadors for interracial understanding and harmony, the group plans to protest Paul by, you know, throwing things at the candidate because they don’t like what he has to say.

According to a copy of the DREAM Team’s meeting minutes from Sunday, their protest ideas range from the rational and respectful, “flyer outside of the event, encourage non-supporters to attend and boo,” to the blatantly anti-authoritarian, “throw something at him diplomas and pillows,” to the just plain bizarre, “wear pajamas.”

Throwing things seems to be the popular choice, but I think the fine details need to be worked out a little bit. Pillows make sense, especially considering Paul’s age and fragility, but how are you going to sneak it in? I don’t think the “I was planning on catching up on some sleep” excuse works at a rally. As for diplomas, if they’re unframed, the pieces of paper aren’t going very far, but if they’re framed, those bad boys could do some real hardcore damage. Food for thought guys.

However, not all of the DREAM teamers are on board with this option. In emails obtained by IvyGate, one member sent out a plea to the team’s googlegroup detailing her personal disagreement with the plan:

“The Cornell DREAM Team should think carefully before engaging in activity that would compromise our status as the winners of the Perkins Prize for Interracial Understanding and Harmony. We should NOT “boo” or throw ANYTHING at the stage. By doing this, we aren’t really promoting interracial understanding very harmoniously.”

Uh oh, trouble in the ranks? But this seemed like such a solid, well thought out plan … What’s going to happen to all the pajamas?

Pajamas aside, this dispute did invite a response from a member of the googlegroup, in favor for some sort of action against Paul. He writes, “However, personally I feel that it is my responsibility to legally protest a documented racist politician that is against birth-right citizenship, welfare and the Dream Act.”  And in speaking for the group:

“There was consensus in the room that this is something that we should participate in. There wasn’t necessarily consensus about throwing things at the stage but it is something that we need to talk about. By protesting this we will take away the aura that college students blindly follow Ron Paul and hopefully encourage our peers not to do the same.”

That’s right everyone, follow the pajama-wearing pillow-throwers.

Well, there you have it. Two sides of the case, to throw or not to throw, the eternal question. What will happen Thursday remains to be seen, but pillows, diplomas, or just sharp words, it should be a good time.

  • LIPS

    what these kids are not factoring in is the thousands of ron paul supporters who would absolutely tear their heads off if they ever tried to hurt ron paul. this school should do it’s best to prevent this so it doesn’t get ugly.

    • srmmedia

      Yeah I would probably clock one if he was standing near me. 

      • Bring it on

        I’ll be waiting bro. But you better knock me out, because if you don’t, you’ll be feeling my retaliation until slope day.

        • HitchRK

          Wow, a liberal tough guy, that’s rare.

          • johnnie c

            Statists like force. 

          • J.K. Trotter

            ^Guy with a vagina

    • HitchRK

      I beleive in someone’s right to protest, but if I got hit with something I’d be knocking them liberal puke’s teeth out.

  • timothy

    wehhhh wehhhh wehhhh, ron paul sees everybody as equals so i dont get special priveleges because im a different race……… fuckin crybabies!!!

  • thinkabowdit

    If I understand this correctly, this is an independent (meaning not government assisted) group that has formed to assist “undocumented” students. They are the very embodiment of what Ron Paul hopes to see America become. A unity of individuals taking care of themselves and others and not relying on the Government. And somehow they have found a way to take issue with a candidate who is campaining to not only protect the freedoms they have, but restore some of the ones they’ve already lost due to the national mentality that “if there is a problem, the Government should solve it”. I absolutely respect and admire the idea of which this group was founded on, but find it amazing they have been this successful with such piss poor insight and understanding.

    • Andreastone

      It’s always about the money with liberals.  They’ll never, ever have enough.

  • Jorge Stevenson

    You mean in the 21st century, there are still people so messed up that they would want to take money from everyone against their will and use it to fund the education for a specific race of people?  That’s sickening.

    • Dreamer.

      Last I checked, the undocumented are not a race. Being undocumented is a state of political limbo. IGNORANT ****.

      • Robbranney

        Ya…..almost as ignorant as the comment in the article “Just like that time when he told a room filled with a largely Hispanic audience that he opposes the DREAM Act,” Face it…. dream act is designed and viewed as something for the hispanic illegal population. Sure theres a handful of Canadians, but really? DREAM act is considered a political issue for hispanics…. so treat it as such

  • timothy

     Ron Paul’s recent trips to college campuses around the country drew not just Republicans and Libertarians, but thousands of energetic students from across the political spectrum, all yearning to hear a candidate with real, authentic convictions, not simply the approval of the political establishment. Or in other terms — when was the last time a Republican Presidential Candidate drew a crowd of thousands at UC Berkeley?

    Yet Ron Paul is not just popular on those issues: A recent Rasmussen poll showed Ron Paul ahead of President Obama 43 percent – 42 percent.

  • Lene Danielsen

    You know..I’d like to send my own children to college but I was taxed to death so I could feed, clothe, shelter, pay medical expenses and educate someone elses children that are not even citizens instead. Why does my family have to go without because someone decided to break the law by coming over illegally to have a baby for the sole purpose to use as a pawn to circumvent the system? Are MY children not entitled by birthright to the “American” dream? What about the people who follow the rules to legally immigrate here? Is that really fair to them that they followed the law and those that didn’t get special treatment? It is not my fault that someone’s parents broke the law, it is the parent’s fault for putting their children in that situation. I’d like to know why I am supposed to be responsible for providing for other people’s families that do not even belong in the country in the first place and they end up getting a better future than my own children. When they take from me, they are taking away my ability to give to my own children. They are NOT my responsibility..MY own family is my responsibility!

    • Jacksprat

      Well, apparently their families aren’t responsible enough to promise them a future, so now they’re after a piece of yours.

    • Bob in Boston

      Welcome to libertarianism – you get it now.  It’s about responsibility for yourself and your family, not counting on someone else to do things for you.

  • srmmedia

    what will happen is when these guys boo and stuff , Ron Paul supporters will circle them and boo them and then they will applause ron paul louder than those guys can boo.     I’ve seen it happen elsewhere and this is usually what happens.. It only serves to cause his supporters to rally around him LOUDER and STRONGER!

  • Dreamer.

    wow, we say a couple of jokes, some dumbass leaks the minutes, and all of a sudden everyone’s all insulted. It’s called humor, people. 

    a dreamer.

    • Guest

      Cristina leaked it, obviously.

      • Guest

        leave christina out of this, dick.

        • Post Partisan Voter

          @Dreamer, in one reply you guarantee violence. In another you try to shirk responsibility for discussions at your meetings, and here you use the male equivalent of the  C word, yet you seem to be part of a team promoting “understanding and harmony”

          Perhaps you should retake english 101 and learn more about the term “hypocrite”

      • Travis B

         If you are going to call Ron Paul a racist, and protest at his rally…. I would ask thatyou first watch the following two videos. The first video is from Ben Swann WXIX; he is an investigative reporter from Cincinnati. The video highlights …that there were 4-6 people who worked on the Newsletters. At the time of the 9 racist Newsletters, Ron Paul had already ended his first period of being a Senator. Ron Paul had then gone back to his medical practice. He is a OBGYN. Here is the video. . The second video is of African Americans supporting Ron Paul. . There is a third video of an African American who tells his story of how Ron Paul tried to deliever his wife’s baby. The baby was miscarried, but Ron Paul came up to the man and told him he would pay for his services: His gift to the grieving couple. I have a fourth video of a local NAACP chapter president telling people that Ron Paul is not a racist, that he has known Ron Paul for a very long time.

        • Travis B

          “the following four videos”

    • Peteytec1


  • Old Money

    Why do minorities always resort to the most immature forms of protest?

  • ncruz

    1. I think most of these comments really show how ignorant people are about the DREAM Act and the fact that they equate the DREAM Act helping one “race” of people. So glad this article is really helping make those differentiations and explaining to its readers what is going with the DREAM Act. This is grade-A journalism. 
    2. Are you all forgetting that these students have every right to protest whoever they want? Assuming you all went to college, or even if you didn’t, it is a fundamental right of every person in this country to free speech and freedom of assembly. If anything, all of you Ron Paul supporters should realize how ridiculous you sound advocating violence against a group of students who want to protest someone they do not agree with. You all would do the same against any other candidate or political figure you don’t agree with and who has come to speak on your campus, hometown, etc.
    3. Peter Jacobs, how about you  figure out how to do some real reporting instead of running a gossip column.

    • Old Money

      I don’t get it, why should American taxpayers subsidize the US college educations of people who skipped the immigration line to get in this country illegally?

    • me

       I have not seen all of the comments, yours was the first. I as a Paul supporter do not advocate violence. I do believe people have the right to  protest. I also do not know much about the Dream Team but I will research them. If they do protest, perhaps they will hear Dr. Paul’s message and actually like it. One thing I can say with almost %100 certainty if there is a protest,  this will be the only rally that will be televised by the MSM .

    • DapperDan11

      Um, they do have a right, not very many of us would deny that. 

      Second, these people discussed throwing things at Dr. Paul and the crowd, I suggest you take your words towards us, to this “DREAM Team” as well. 

      And you misconstrued what some of the comments below said (the very bottom?). They said if these students dare harm Dr. Paul, then an equal reaction will occur for them. I guess people like yourself are only capable of seeing and reading one side of the coin, huh?

    • Highwind Cid

      No. Wrong. HR 347. You have the right to protest whoever/whatever you want*.

      *as dictated by your government. (Check out as seeing is believing).

      The violence remarks are undoubtedly immature and so is throwing things at a candidate in a hypocritical fashion. I think we all need to mature up a bit.

    • HitchRK

      I find this statement very ironic.

      1st: We are not the one’s who make the Dream Act a race thing. Perhaps you missed the part where this “Dream Team” said they were upset at Dr. Paul for going to a HISPANIC rally and saying he oppossed the Dream Act, and it is no isolated incident, it is the liberals who time and again equate immigration with hispanics and call anyone a racist who speaks out against it.

      2nd: As for the violence, most Paul supporters absolutely support someone’s right to protest, but it was these protesters suggesting things be thrown at Dr. Paul and the crowd, now I’m not an aggressive person but if someone throws something at me I’m going to respond.

      You sound like a reasonable person so I hope will try to look at little harder at what was actually said and who is the true culprits here.

  • Peteytec1

    Maybe the Dream team should just fork over their tution to a poor illegal….so they can go to school instead….Come on DREAM TEAM….Put your money where your mouth is…..!!!!!

  • Mike Conrad

    How bizarre to have a candidate who actually stands on principle rather than tailor every remark for political effect.  No wonder people are furious.

  • kyle sandborn

    So Ron Paul has the balls to go to a Latino meeting which the other candidates refused and tell the Latinos the truth on what he thought of the Dream Act and people are pissed because of that?
    I hope you students would protest Obama if he came to Campus for the NDAA, ACTA, and Fast and the Furious, etc. While Paul opposes the Dream ACT Ole Obama is sending Guns to Mexican Drug lords so they can kill each other(Fast and Furious).  

    • HitchRK

      Oh, don’t you know those in the extreme right and left can’t be bothered with facts and fairness.

  • sailing

    As a Ron Paul supporter, I absolutely support their right to wear pajamas.  

    Booing might not be heard over the cheering, though.  Have you ever BEEN to a Ron Paul rally?  

    Here’s some idea, and also speaks to the media meme that Ron Paul is no longer in the race.

    (When before has the GOP tried to annoint a ‘presumptive nominee’ who only had HALF the delegates necessary to win?)

  • DapperDan11

    Ron Paul is not racist, for the one billionth time… Without getting too far into the argument, the simple fact that Ron Paul follows the libertarian ideology strictly (while being very conservative at the same time) points that he is not racist. 
    Libertarians do not see color, we see the individual. So, there goes these silly little socialists argument in that respect. 

  • Jonnyy100

    Have sex with a middle aged fat man outside the auditorium.(Females only).

  • Jesse Cole Penick

    Someone should tell them that libertarian minded Republicans have been the ones about equality and freeing slaves… We are just trying to free the slaves of today, the tax and government slaves.

  • HitchRK

    They are not “undocumented”, they are illegal aliens, that is the legal term for them, stop trying to pretty it up all the time, and to all these idiots who think I should pay for someone else’s college how about they drop out and give up the their desk to an illegal if they feel so strongly about it.

  • Andrew

    Why should the government be allowed to steal so that illegals can get a subsidized education?  Sounds more like NIGHTMARE.

    • Ann Coulter

       We absolutely need to educate these poor immigrants lest we be faced with a permanent illegal underclass

  • EaSy

    Well, they can donate some money. It will hurt RP for sure.

  • Bob in Boston

    Aren’t you kids supposed to be smart?  You’re not if you still believe Ron Paul had anything to do with those Racist Newsletters!  Do a little research –  everyone knows Ron Paul was just the publisher (not even editor!) of those newsletters and the guy who actually wrote the racists passages in question was a man named James Powell.  

    Ron Paul is about the most ANTI-racism candidate out there, because he attacks the roots of the issue.  He wants to eliminate the artificial mechanisms the Federal Government currently uses to create class segregation.  He’s also shown through his actions that he is not racist - 
    But more importantly he’s the ONLY candidate currently standing up for the rights of every American even when it’s not politically expedient.  No other person in politics is as dedicated to protecting the rights of Americans against being co-opted by the government.  Things like the Patriot Act, NDAA, SOPA, etc are all attacks against our rights, and Ron Paul is often the only person standing against the establishment on these issues.  You should be supporting him, not protesting him!

  • Party Time

    anti-authoritarian students wouldn’t throw things at ron paul, unless it was confetti I guess

  • Alison W

    Let them make ungrateful asses of themselves…. They will be shamed.

  • WeDidit

    “even one with as negligible a chance at the nomination as representative Dr. Paul”
    So why even bother?

    I’m sure Dr Paul is not opposed if these students want to have fundraisers, collections or even reach into their own pockets, to help any student of any race, religion or nationality, with tuition.

    When it comes to taking money from my hard earned paycheck (from a job I got without a college education) I reject that notion. If college students haven’t noticed, we are in a serious economic slump. Some economists even warn of a currency collapse and economic disaster. Even Bernanke stood in front of congress last week and told them they were not fully aware of how close we are to disaster.

    Given that and the fact my income stays steady (actually gone down somewhat because of client cutbacks) prices are rising with momentum. Rising prices reflect the USD’d falling value. Add to it BRICS, a coalition of foreign nations who are in dialogue of dropping the USD as trade currency. Being the global trade currency is about the only thing propping up our money. More wars loom (college students; you’re too young to remember the Vietnam draft, but I remember). 

    If our dollar collapses, will you stay in school? Paying with what? If you can still scrape up enough (it will be a LOT with crashed dollars) will you be eager to pay for someone else’s as well? Yea, me neither. I’m hurting right now,, and they want to take more. I’m not racist and NEITHER is Dr Paul (far from it). Read Paul’s plan on how we could see college costs drop sharply and make schools more competitive offering more service at lower costs, making it more affordable for everyone. Including you….

    Anyway, enough of the rant, I hope you get my point.
    What is my point? College? Dream Act? Racism? Naaa…
    My real point is, our nation is on possibly the worst economic failures in history and you want to protest someone who is bringing into discussion (while the rest hide from reality).

    My advice would be to you, act like adults, attend the rally and listen to what he has to say. Attend with an open mind then formulate an opinion on what you see and hear, rather than what others say. If you are unable to do that, then are you narrow minded, judging people on other people’s perceptions and opinions? 

    Isn’t that what a bigot is?

  • inez tyler

    Soooo, how’d that protest work out for you?

  • ellora

    well this only reaffirms why i love ron paul and dislike whiny college students and terrible blog writers who make uninformed opinions based off of already manipulated media outlets. peter jacobs, you are a little shit.