Would Mitt Romney Get into Harvard Business School Today?

Mitt Romney, sentient Republican stereotype, has spent his life trying to appeal to voters—an effort which has turned into a cycle of Mittens saying something villainous or condescending; liberals being outraged and amused at the same time; and then Mittens mumbling that he’s successful, and he doesn’t know why all of you are picking on him. Not coincidentally, he spent a few years at Harvard Business School—the designated laboratory of world destroyers—where he refined his collegiate confidence into something resembling misanthropy.

Wonder how HBS feels about this? You may want to read between the lines of this Wall Street Journal interview with the school’s managing director of admissions, Dee Leopold (pictured):

WSJ: Do you ever question your admission decisions?

Ms. Leopold: Sure. This process isn’t perfect. We’re like very experienced country doctors who see a lot of patients.

We’re screening out undesirable qualities that would be toxic in our community. We like to think that our arrogance detectors are pretty good. We’re looking for confidence, with humility.

Would Mittens, picture of humility that he is, have survived Leopold’s “arrogance detector”? Would his hair? CURIOUSLY, Leopold follows this remark with an anecdote involving what could be Romney’s protégé:

I was interviewing at the Harvard Club in New York and the person I was supposed to interview was engaged in conversation with a mother and a daughter. They were adorable, but they wouldn’t let him go. He knew he had 30 minutes, I’m standing there, and he had such grace and composure to treat these people well. That’s a beautiful thing to watch.

Because really, B-school is all about grace and composure. It’s just a bunch of fancy dinners! Who cares what credit swaps are, anyway!

Lord. It is to laugh.

  • Sigh

    Worst article yet.

  • Anonymous

    He is obviously not academically qualified, but he would get in because he was the governors son and Harvard takes mostly legacies and political people and VIP’s.

    • BYU Valedictorian

      obviously not academically qualified? Seriously?

      • Sigh

         I see what you did there. :o