With Revived Harvard and Princeton EA Programs, Fewer Early Applicants at Yale, Columbia, Penn

Harvard and Princeton reinstated their early admission programs for this year’s admissions cycle. According to this nifty chart put together by Jeremy Bleeke of the Columbia Spectator, ED/EA applications remained constant or increased slightly at Brown, Cornell, and Dartmouth, while dipping slightly at Penn, decreasing more at Columbia, and dropping significantly for Yale. It is unclear just how much of this has been because of Harvard and Princeton’s programs, but we’re willing to wager that it’s more than a little.

The New York Times has a more detailed discussion here, complete with stats.

  • H14

    I think you mean early action…early decision implies that it’s binding

  • SLA

    Not “Less”– “FEWER”.  Man, the Ivy League is slipping!

  • Wilfred Chan

    Thanks for both of the corrections.

  • Anonymous

    New Haven compared to Cambridge/Boston? Please!

  • D’13

    Dartmouth was on national TV recently (NBC sing-off). No mention on this now-shitty blog.

  • Anon

    Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Columbia are all vying for the same students. Only the final numbers will be important as most people will be rejected early.

    • bitchtits

      Says “Anon” Columbia ’13

      • lol

        lol bitchtits

  • annnonn

    I like Yale better than Harvard/Princeton.

  • y09

    Quite the statistical analysis. Very compelling!