Harvard-supported Harvard Grad Mitt Romney Criticizes Obama for being a Harvard-supported Harvard Grad

Good ol’ scrappy Republican “man of the people” Mitt Romney has been using Barack Obama’s elitist, Ivy-League pedigree as a punchline in recent campaign speeches, deriding the president’s foreign policy as no more than a ill-advised surrender scheme cooked up by effete snobs in the “Harvard faculty lounge,” out of touch with “what they know on the battlefield”.

Ignoring the laughable notion that Mitt Romney ever even got close to a real battlefield, we find a lot of reasons why this most recent spat of Harvard-bashing fails the giggle test (and miserably so).

  • Smarter than Harvard

    I guess Romney is smarter than Wifred Chan and definatly better than Obama.

  • yup

    I would guess both Chan and Romney know how to spell definitely

  • Logruszed

    Well, Romney is certainly smart enough to know his core supporters are too stupid or blinded by wargarbl to look at his hypocrisy.

  • http://twitter.com/CitizenWhy Jon Mack

    Yeah, but neither of them were smart enough to become CEO of Goldman Sachs and rule the world.

    • guest

      I hope that you’re not talking about Romney. Here’s a reminder: He was the CEO of Bain and co-founded Bain Capital, the PE fund. PE megafunds are the wet dreams of GS employees, broski. 

  • Anonymous


  • D’13

    Do I spy a liberal bias in IvyGate? 

  • Stud123

    STFU Gook