Dartmouth’s Prez Kim debuts as a rapping spaceman

The Dartmouth Idol finals were a couple of weekends ago. And, while we were bracing ourselves for Hanover’s answer to Sam Tsui, we mostly just expected to see just another one of those Sister Act performances. That is, somewhat talented and sickeningly cheerful 20 year-olds singing in choir robes. And that’s what we got for about the first two minutes. Yet, precisely at the 2:05 mark, things got trippy. (And, well, a little bit disturbing.)

There you see Dartmouth President Jim Yong Kim — rapping, singing, and dancing, with a little help from auto-tune. Yup, that’s him, in a white, studded leather jacket and spaceman sunglasses, gloves cut-off at the fingertips. And he’s … doing the robot?

We don’t know (and to tell the truth don’t care) who won this year’s Idol competition. All we know is that image of Prez Kim is now burned in our brain, whether we like it or not. So, with all due respect to whoever actually did win, we must declare that it’s Jim Yong Kim, not anyone else, who is our IvyPrez Idol.

Thanks to all the tipsters who sent this video in!

  • Whodattabe

    Freshman Sarah Peck was the winner: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_GicyCMkPQ

  • D-alum

    So proud right now.

  • karelrei

     I don’t see that this performance adds anything to an ivy education. I am all in favor of inclusive cultural perspectives but this is cheap. (the performance isn’t bad)

    • Alex

      Universities have lame freshman introduction crap designed to make them feel like their Uni. administration is “hip” and “cool”. Whatever.

  • Mo

    It’s the cast from Glee ??

  • http://twitter.com/VTwinCrucible Chris Hermann

    This person is to lead the World Bank? Nice move Obummer.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BWYTJU2N7NQRFXYX6AE5CR626M Benjamin

      Oh, God.   And it’s a bad pick why?  You give the impression that you don’t approve because of 2 reasons: 1) He celebrated his University in a very human way & vulnerable way. 2) He’s Asian.   Now, you don’t approve of our leaders being human and celebrating achievement or you’re a racist.  Which is it?

      • http://www.gayporn.com/ D’13

         lOl fag

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mary-Ann-Mojica/1447277618 Mary Ann Mojica

           LOL, Highly educated and intelligent fag. What do you have going for you D’13?

    • Mike P.

      Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all
      - Lincoln

    • Troy

      Yesm Chris Hermann. This person has a degree from Brown and a graduate degree from Harvard Medical School. This person was a senior official in the World Health Organization, is a respected scholar in the medical world, has promoted useful research in addressing health challenges in developing countries. Oh, and was a President of an Ivy College.

      What are your qualifications, Chris?

      • HKP

        You don’t even need to recite President Kim’s academic accomplishments. This Chris guy is obviously not in a position to judge merit.

      • http://www.slutload.com/watch/Wxlsl8r72JF/Gang-Cock-Guzzler.html Pearl Necklace

         He’s still Asian though.

    • http://picknit.com/ Isaac Rabinovitch

      Judging from your Twitter feed, you’re one of those obsessive haters of BO who sneers at everything he does, regardless. Doesn’t it suck to have a brain that works like a broken record?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mary-Ann-Mojica/1447277618 Mary Ann Mojica

       Chris, you forgot to call him an “academic thug”. And no hyphenated “-tards”! You are slipping Chris! Your troll status just took a -10 hit.

    • Bob

      What a twit you are chris, stupid or racist as well.
       put down your girlfriend and read a book, yes, one without pictures.
      You are an ignorant ass.

  • Whatevs

    Good thing it wasn’t a “So You Think You Can Dance” competition. 

  • Jean


  • peterroach

    This look like new age retread.

  • peterroach

      Rap and Zap $$$$ for the World Bank. What is this on spice, juice what ???

  • Mark

    What a great choice to head the World Bank.  A classy, intelligent guy with a  great sense of humor and community.  I’m proud of this choice and proud of President Obama for choosing him.

  • peterroach

    Looks truly like a Rave show.

  • Phil Mos

    This man just might move mountains as head of the World Bank.  I couldn’t possibly approve more.  

  • Jdj1057

    this country will look like a farm soon.

  • alf

    Hahahahah. mHmm? hahaajara

  • Colleen Sebastian

    Amazing! For a college President to be so involved in the students show…. this is far beyond the norm and shows his unique ability to connect and empower those around him. What a feat! As an educator, I wish that I had the tenacity and courage to transcend barriers as he has! What an incredible role model for not only our youth but those around us! Whatever he does, he immerses himself in with a conscientious demeanor and one that enhances those he experiences. He has a clear purpose by promoting people in every spectrum of life with an understanding that should be emulated by those around us without hesitation. What a tremendous ability he has to make a difference in the world. World Bank…. World Peace…a clear agenda to move the only race forward…the human race. I wish we could all be supportive in our efforts toward the unification as people……

    • http://www.slutload.com/watch/Wxlsl8r72JF/Gang-Cock-Guzzler.html Drew Gilpin Faust

       I can’t tell, is this sarcasm or are you really this stupid?

  • Guest

    =) made me quite happy. Oh, and hello, 2 members of dartmouth aires!

  • Lindsay


    I am delighted to see such a diverse professional heading the World Bank!  Kudos to Dr. Kim and President Obama for appointing him.

  • Ellen Dages

    He looks like a clown dancing in Satan’s delight.  The new World Bank President living a hollywood fantasy during our repulsive era of monetary fraud. Get serious people!

  • Voiceofreason


  • http://twitter.com/IrisABoyd Iris Boyd

    You people who are using this video to judge his qualifications, don’t get it twisted. So what if he did this video, it doesn’t mean that he isn’t well qualified for the job.  http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2012/03/23/450612/meet-jim-yong-kim-world-bank/  

    I have read his resume… He is very qualified to run the World Bank.

  • Minerva

    Seems like a nice guy. Unfortunately Kim’s acceptance of the
    nomination to the World Bank reflects poorly on Dartmouth. About ten days ago,
    in response to public outrage from an article written by Andrew Lohse (and in
    an improper and embarrassing manner relying on new information from an ‘unnamed’
    source), Kim places 27 SAE members on suspension and declares the hazing
    situation at Dartmouth of his utmost importance. Now, only a few days later, he
    is potentially leaving the school to take on a ‘higher’ calling.  On one hand it looks like he is
    abandoning ship due to the heat of the political climate and/or that he
    does not know how to administratively handle the hazing situation, on the other, he is teaching the
    students that commitments are only important until you have something better to
    do even when you are in the mist of a crisis.  We have a huge financial flood coming that will affect all
    Americans.  Everyone (especially
    our leaders) needs to be focusing on their job and not putting their careers
    ahead of their immediate responsibilities.

  • Divastar

    I thought it was nice to see this college president interacting with the students! There is no shame in that. I support him for head of the world bank. This just shows that in whatever he does he is ALL IN!

  • Eclorick

    Brilliant! Thanks, POTUS for such a cool leader of the World Bank!

  • anonymous

    I work at the World Bank and welcome someone with such young and progressive ideas! Thanks Obama, for the interesting new President selection, can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon…