“Rent is Too Damn High” Guy Teams with Yale’s CoCo Pannell for Inexplicable Mitch Daniels Ad

OK, this is just getting ridiculous. Remember when we told you two weeks ago about Yale PiPhi CoCo Pannell and her dogged quest to elect Mitch Daniels president in 2012? (She even had a Super Bowl ad!) Well, she and the other young libertarians at Students for Daniels are pulling out all stops, it seems. They made another ad, this one featuring none other than noted insane person Jimmy McMillan, otherwise known as “The Rent is Too Damn High” guy.

I could be wrong, but isn’t someone who’s famous for being balls deep in crazy probably a poor choice for political mascot? It looks like Governor Daniels agrees, since he went on a radio show and made it very clear that he has no earthly idea who those damn kids are. He softened the blow by saying he was glad that young people care about the deficit, or whatever. Except we really don’t. All we care about are kitschy internet memes we can send to our friends on Facebook. (Exhibit A below.)

Anyway, CoCo doesn’t really do all that much here, just spouts one terrible slogan then nods agreeably the rest of the time. McMillan is the clear star of this production, and he makes the most of it — mainly by being nigh unintelligible throughout.

  • Seanmarvin

    awsome im voting for mitch