In Heartfelt Display of Friendship, Princeton Swim Team Gets Naked and Lip-Syncs to Katy Perry

We at IvyGate are cynical people. And ordinarily when Princeton students decide to film themselves acting like fools in public places, we have no problem whipping out said enormous cynicism and cockslapping them with it. But even we occasionally feel genuine emotions, and this video made by the Princeton swim team for their sick teammate has made us feel–dare we say it–gooey.

The video features members of the swim team in various states of undress and/or various colors of J. Crew pullover, all lip-syncing to Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” If all this weren’t on behalf of teammate Daniel Hasler, we’d all be asking ourselves why the swim team is doing water ballet and making cardboard construction hearts instead of, oh, swimming. But given the context, we’re wondering instead whether Hasler is some kind of sex slave.

…Which would not be a bad thing at all, frankly, considering some of those washboard abs. Our heart grew three sizes today. Or at least, something grew three sizes. Check out the video below (and make sure to stay tuned for the hilarious outtakes at the end):

  • tiger

    Anyone know why he’s in the hospital? Sending my best wishes to you, Hasler.

  • lolz

    updated link to video (sans bloopers)

  • CaliGirl@Brown

    Damn….Why don’t the guys at Brown look like these hotties? I picked out about seven I would like to keep on hand as my own sex slaves. Seriously. Very Yummy….. xo Cali Girl Class of ’13.