Don’t Cornell student pols know that they don’t have flow?

Oh, good. Election season for Cornell’s Student Assembly has been underway for like three days, and we were starting to get discouraged by the complete lack of psychotic campaign videos. Lucky for us, a tipster sent over this clip from presidential candidate Natalie Raps. In the video — brace for wordplay — Natalie raps. Apparently it’s in homage to Natalie Portman’s not-that-funny SNL video. Meh.

Anyway, here it is:

  • Kc3

    Ivygateblog totally misses the point, again… we know it’s awkward!! That’s the idea..?

  • Brown ’14

    I disagree with Peter about the original Natalie Raps. It’s funny, and it samples other famous rap songs. Find the song on ->

  • CU

    c’mon guys, i know you’re hipsters and all, but that doesn’t mean that the only things you guys can find humor in have to be obscure indie references and ironic tattoos.

    the original SNL rap is hilarious, and so is this one. give credit where credit is due.

  • Baalzac

    Ivy gate blog… tsk tsk…

  • Princeton20112

    If cornell elects this girl as their Student body president then it just goes to show the school is more of a joke than we all thought.

    • CU ’11

      Clearly you still don’t have a clue…

    • Abcd

      nat raps dont quit your day job

    • guest

      princeton ur gay

    • Where’s the love

      And you just proved that you’re a yuppy butthead, good job.

    • getreal

      Hey Princeton watch the BS comments “this school is more of a joke then we all thought”. I graduated from Princeton and have a kid at Cornell and you sound like one of those kids who may end up being that the most accomplished thing in your life is that you somehow got into princeton, but based on your ridiculous comment you don’t really merit being there.

  • D13

    @ Princeton20112 (couldn’t decide, eh?) — And with statements like that, you’re just about as douche-y as we all thought.

  • Penn

    actually i think it’s pretty good. sorry, ivygate. not with you on this one.

  • Jjy27

    girls got ballz.. good luck to her

  • Columbia ’13

    hilarious! don’t really understand the hate, ivygate. i’d vote raps, if i could…

  • Cornell ’14

    I think this is a fresh and creative way to campaign. I’m tired of quarter cards with cheesy posed pictures and promises of change and “responsible leadership”. Anyone who doesn’t see the humor in this should consider coming down from the pedestal they’re standing on (extended periods of time at high altitude really isn’t good for brain cells)! It’s not as if this is her sole platform, please give her more credit than that. She’s a great candidate and seems like an awesome person

  • ashamed cornellian

    haha wtf is this

  • ashamed cornellian

    haha wtf is this

  • CU12

    it’s also a lot like the video Adam Belfleur did for Alpha Phi’s “Ivyman” pageant. he also happens to be in this- note the skinny white kid.

    • ivybuy

      thats because Belfleur wrote the one for raps ahah

  • Cornell SA guy

    Ivy Gate gets less useful and more hateful by the day… I’m headed to Cracked.

  • CProud ’15

    Ivy Gate no way that was hilarious.